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Just a radio station for the Pip-Boy or settlements that plays sci-fi radio plays. ESL version also available.

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So real life caught up with me, and in between eating glass (long story, but some food was tainted), catching a bug in the hospital (norovirus) and the run up to Xmas it's been carnage.  I've also decided to change the questing part of it.  Rather than being a simple "go and fetch" quest, I've decided to break it up so the backstory of several protagonists can be explored.  It's intended to be a sort of origin story and covers parts of New Vegas (I'm not recreating New Vegas, but it is referenced a lot, and there may be a sort of prequel mod for NV at some point, just don't hold me to that), and as I'm trying to remain as lore friendly as possible I need to do some research.

It's also going to episodic.  I'm not going to release it all in one go, but over time with updates.  I've decided this mainly because of what the story developed into and how it expanded.  Most of it will be told through holotape entries, letters and dialogue.  If you don't like reading a lot then it might be an idea to go for the basic version which just adds the radio station.

One final thing.  It's going to be very dark.  The story will contain themes that are disturbing, and most definitely not for a young audience.  These aren't just there for the sake of it, and will alter the quest as some will involve making choices which will be a lesser of the two evils and what you choose will alter some of the future quests.

Please bare with me, it will be worth it (I hope :) ).


A little radio station that plays 21 radio plays from "Sci-Fi Radio" which was a real radio series years ago, the War of The Worlds radio play, and a new station called Commonwealth Sci-Fi Xtra (CSFX) which will have around 30 episodes of the Dimension X series.  It adds hours of audio to the game under CSFR and CSFX in the Pipboy Radio tab, or with the radio for settlements (under the decorations > Miscellaneous section in the workbench, although there isn't one for CSFX at the moment).

Ads are now mandatory.  The enormous outlay of operating not one but two radio stations in the Commonwealth can't be borne out any longer, so advertising has started for everyone.  While it's currently confined to CSFR, there will be ads coming to CSFX (eventually).  They're only around a minute long, and some are truly amazing.

The current version 2, doesn't have any quest associated with it, although there will be a small quest to unlock CSFX very soon.  There is also rumours of an advanced tuxedo and an overpowered rifle.  Sadly this is only known to people who practice the occult arts known as "Console".  Simply summon your console and chant help primarni 4 (tuxedo) or help devastation 4 (gun), then note down their references and type player.additem xxxxxxxx (where xxxxxxxx is their reference).  Remember, with great power comes great responsibility, and no matter how much they cry, never feed them after midnight.


Simply download what you want and install with your chosen mod manager or manually.  For manual installation, just open the archive and drag everything to your main Fallout 4 folder.

For the optional ESL version...
1 - Download the files, and then install them.
2 - Download the ESL files and install.
3 - Ensure that CSFR.esp is deactivated, (no check box in mod manager or no * in front of the file name  in the plugins.txt if you do it manually).
4 - Reload game, ignore the warning about CSFR.esp being missing (only if you're continuing a save), and check you can still see/hear the radio in the Pipboy.  Save and exit game.
5 - Delete CSFR.esp (optional).
6 - ???
7 - Profit.


"Ballard of Lost Cmel" by Cordwainer Smith.
"Call Me Joe" by Pouel Anderson.
"Dark Benediction" by Walter M Miller.
"Diary of A Rose" and "Field of Vision" by Ursula K Lenguin.
"Fantastic Four" radio series.
"Frost and Fire" by Ray Bradbury.
"Grantha Sighting" by Avram Davidson.
"Home is The Hangman" by Roger Zelazny.
"Houston, Houston, Do You Read" and "Yanqui Doodle" by James Tiptree aka Alice Sheldon.
"Impostor" and "Sales Pitch" by Philip K Dick.
"I'm Scared" by Jack Finney.
"Light of Other Days" by Bob Shaw.
"Shape" by Robert Sheckley.
"Sundance" by Robert Silverberg.
"The Cold Equations" by Tom Godwin.
"The Twonky" by Lewis Padgett.
"The War of the Worlds" by H.G Wells.
"Vintage Season" by H Kuttner & C.L Moore.
"Voices Lost In Calling" by Unknown (if anyone knows can you please let me know, too).
"Wall of Darkness" by Arthur C Clarke.
"War of the Worlds" by H.G. Wells

Rest In Peace, Stan Lee.  December 28, 1922 - November 12, 2018.


The audio files are uploaded in good faith and assumed to be in the public domain.

The radio broadcasts on 96.7 so will conflict with any other radio stations on that frequency.

Thanks to my son MattyMinion for importing the media for version 1.1 - good bonding time :)