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I have a question what are pack Brahmins carrying? this mod fixes the answer :P adds random shop keeper loot to all pack Brahmin, the loot is not the vendors associated with the Brahmins loots its its own. this mod was inspired by past fallout games, seriously though what are they meant to be carrying. Legendarys now added read desc for details

Permissions and credits
how to use this mod
step 1 install it
step 2 kill pack Brahmin
step 3 loot Pack Brahmin
Step 4 Profit from loot

Update notes

  • Legendary random encounters can now be found everywhere you used to find traders and smiling Larry (you can still find the traders and smiling larry only difference is that larry has a legendary brahmin and on top of those two encounters you can now find my new one with two legendary pack brahmin each has a legendary, they are gaurded by two esccorts the idea i had was that mod that lets settlers take items you flagged to your settlement image a npc was doing that or its just a rare goods convoy use your imagination) 
  • the legendary brahmin now attack and have 180 base hp and level with the player
  •  base brahmin damage raised from 4 to around 20


  •  "angry brahmin" can be safely installed after uninstalling the main version as its standalone what it does is makes all brahmin in the game attack and raised the hp to 110 from 50 not just legendary the rest of the update notes apply to it and its standalone so does everything the main mod does 

you dont need to do anything but install and kill :P

heads up on what you will find
theirs alot of caps, guns armor, aid, ammo, junk, scarp some shipments pretty much everything shops sell/have also by alot of caps theirs like 600-3000 caps on them as you stealing someones life work aka there livelihood everything they have collected and put on that Brahmin

ps not really "everything they have collected and put on that Brahmin" but we can pretend its still FO3 or FNV :P


adds random shop keeper loot to all pack Brahmin, not normal Brahmin, only pack Brahmin aka Brahmin with the packs on their backs. like past fallout games. (only difference is past games had the shop keepers loot this is its own loot)
not much else xD

reason for mod

i used to spend 10-30 minutes sometimes hunting pack Brahmin in past fallout games for loot and trying not to get seen i wanted to try to add that back in this mod was my best attempt.


I have a question what are pack Brahmins carrying
S#*t  .... XD
so i made this mod

made a 3 minute video that talks about the mod if anyone's interested
see videos in media or below in media is a 10 minute video on the new update

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