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Simple mod that makes the sinks and water fountains from Vault-Tec Workshop produce water for settlements. Optional happiness versions and version that includes the sink from the Ceramic Bathroom Fixtures mod.

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Did it ever bother anyone else that you can drink and fill bottles an unlimited number of times from the Vault-Tec Workshop sinks and water fountains, but they didn't provide any water for your poor thirsty settlers? Well it bothered me, so I made this. Babby's first mod.

There are six files, only download ONE file, depending on whether or not you're using the Ceramic Bathroom Fixtures mod, whether or not you want the sinks/fountains to give a happiness bonus, and whether or not you have Vault-Tec Workshop and only want it for Ceramic Bathroom Fixtures.

Only produces 3 water, same as the basic water pump, because they're easy to craft and can be placed on any wall. Ideal for indoor workshops but can be used anywhere.

I was surprised when I couldn't find any mod like this, since it's a pretty simple mod to make, so I just did it myself and decided to share in case anyone else would want it. I made it because I use a mod that makes Home Plate a full settlement so I can send a couple of my companions + Shaun there, so I made this so I could have a way to provide water for my synth son. I didn't intend for this to provide a large amount of water for a huge settlement or for it to be a cheat mod, so I'm not going to make versions that produce 100 water or anything like that.

I don't own a console, but someone else can feel free to make a console version of this if they want to.

If you also want a way to provide food indoors, there are plenty of planter mods out there, plus the garden plot from Wasteland Workshop. Personally, I use CROP, which essentially lets you have smaller versions of the WW plot.

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