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Makes the power armor HUD as minimal as possible. Slightly more "hardcore".

Permissions and credits
This mod contains textures and meshes that make the power armor HUD as simple as possible. It lends itself to a more hardcore experience, but any necessary information is still available.

Scroll through images to see before and after comparisons.

This is part of a much larger UI overhaul that I have been working on, so any feedback is appreciated.

If you run into any issues let me know and I will fix it quickly.


• Less flickering. I tried really hard to make the HUD not flicker like it used to. This wasn't an intended flicker, it just happened because there is no blurring or anti aliasing on the HUD. The only thing I couldn't improve were the compass needles. This is why my HUD looks less sharp than others, it was upscaled to 4k and then blurred to reduce flickering.

• Greatly reduced vignette - the sun is bright again. This strength of the bottom shading can be increased in the future if people think it's too hard to see the UI during the day time.

• Removed rain droplets.

• Max ammo count removed.

• Spotlight icon removed.

• Rad meter removed. Your geiger counter still makes the very loud clicking noise.

Reccomended ini settings...

In your Fallout4Custom.ini add the following lines:


These settings change the color of things like dialogue options and settlement object highlighting. I use the above to make things slightly lighter - it helps adds contrast between the darker yellow speech checks and scrap object highlighting.