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A sniper-optimized receiver for the CC Solar Cannon Rifle

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The Incendiary Conversion Receiver for the Creation Club Solar Cannon changes the projectile type from a slow-moving, spectacular fiery orb to a fast-moving, conventional incendiary bullet. In essence, it has been designed for snipers who prefer non-VATS combat modes (as in the Bullet Time/Slow Time mod).

The mod is available in either .esp or .esl versions.


Solar Cannon DLC from Creation Club

Recommended Additional Mods

IMHO, these mods work well in combination with the Incendiary Conversion Receiver.

Bullet Time - Slow Time by registrator2000
Solar Cannon Rifle Mobile Infantry Edition by TheHexi

Other VATS alternative mods besides Slow Time may work as well, but have not been tested.


Once you have retrieved the Solar Cannon by completing the "Burned on the River" quest, you can use the Weapons Workbench to create and install the Incendiary Conversion Receiver.


No known mod conflicts so far.


Use your preferred mod manager (tested only with Nexus Mod Manager 0.65.9).

When using Nexus Mod Manager to install the .esl version, you may need to manually enable (check mark on) SolarCannonIncendiaryConversion.esl in the Plugins tab, even after activating the mod.


Before uninstalling the mod from your game, unequip the Incendiary Conversion Receiver from the Solar Cannon, save your game, and then exit. Then go ahead and remove the mod normally using your preferred mod manager.