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Replaces the 10mm Pistol with the Colt 6520, by FX0x01, Navaro, and Ryss5an.

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Mysterious Weapon Replacers
COLT 6520

C:// Description_

This mod completely replaces the vanilla 10mm Pistol with Navaro's lovely Colt 6520. In place of a hideous, monstrously oversized tin brick, you will have a solid, powerful, realistically sized sidearm that reasonably looks like it could have survived 200 years of post-nuclear wear and tear.

This is a totally revamped and remade verson of the replacer originally made by n0sf3ratu; designed to work with the recently updated Armor Keywords naming system, and to overcome the issues with legendary weapons that the previous replacer method presents.

Unlike the previous 10mm replacer, which is buried among numerous other replacer mods, I have also provided a non-AWKCR version for people who don't use that mod. It can be found under Optional Downloads.

C:// New_In_Version_2.0.1_

This version now completely replaces the original Colt6520 esp, and is fully independent. The original Colt 6520, its mods, and its associated quest, are eliminated entirely; leaving the 10mm as the only weapon to use these models and textures.

C:// Installation_Instructions_

1. Install Navaro's Colt 6520 in NMM or Vortex.
2. Install this mod, and Armor Keywords if you are using that version of the mod.
4. When prompted to override colt6520.esp, select Yes.
5. Enjoy!

C:// Explanation_

To make things more clear... n0sf3ratu's replacers took the object mods (OMODs) of a third party weapon, and applied them to a vanilla weapon. This presented a problem, however; in that unique legendary weapons, such as the unique 10mm 'Wastelander's Friend', would still spawn with vanilla parts.

All "aspirational" weapons, as the game files call them, are injected into the game via a quest. This makes it extremely difficult to modify said quest; without making the replacer incompatible with other, similar mods that try to do the same thing. For example, having both a 10mm and an Assault Rifle replacer trying to change this quest would have to be patched. Otherwise, one would override the other.

This new mod replaces the models of vanilla parts directly; circumventing this problem in its entirety.

C:// Known_Issues_

The vanilla Recon Scope has been "downgraded" to a Medium Scope, to match the Colt 6520's model and capabilities. So I would not  recommend installing this mod on a save where you have targets pinged.

Barrel attachments, other than the Suppressor, do not have unique models; making them effectively invisible. This can't be avoided, due to equivilant mods not existing. However, stats are unchanged.

Barrels and grips do not have unique models for this same reason, and are identical to standard parts. No contents of the original mod have been altered.

Loading screens are not effected, and will still show the vanilla 10mm brick. I recommend using Loading Screen Fix, regardless of other concerns.

Thank You For Downloading
Don't Forget to Endorse:D

And absolutely don't forget to show Navaro some love as well. The Colt 6520 mod is probably the best-looking pistol on the Nexus, but is seriously underrated.

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