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This mod removes a few of Danse's idle voice lines that explicitly refer to him being in the Brotherhood.

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Danse Idle Comments Fix

NOTICE: Install this mod AFTER Blind Betrayal. If you are starting a new save, disable this mod and re-enable it again once Blind Betrayal is completed. It won't break your game or anything, but it will make a Pre-Blind Betrayal Danse... well, out of character. Once I have the time, I'll be looking into making this mod self reliant. Please bear with me, I have a busy schedule and I'm quite new to Creation Kit!

Bethesda got kinda lazy with Danse's character after his quest, Blind Betrayal. His voice lines remain completely untouched.... even voice lines that explicitly talk about him being in the Brotherhood -- which makes no sense.

After toying around with the Creation Kit for a bit, I managed to clean up most of his idle comments. A good majority of the lines I removed are similar in nature to the ones listed below:

  • "{Walking through a school library with skylights. / Question} Another location to mark for the Brotherhood scribes."
  • "{Walking into a blood donation fridge. / Neutral} If this blood's still viable, it would be quite useful to the Brotherhood."
  • "That's not the way we do things in the Brotherhood."
  • "For Elder Maxson! For the Brotherhood!"

I, however, didn't remove all mention of the Brotherhood. Danse will sometimes talk about them from time to time... but mostly comments that are pure fact. Danse will also mention people he knew in the Brotherhood, such as Scribe Haylen, or Proctor Quinlan. Examples of lines like these are below:

  • "{Finding a cache of radioactive barrels in an old barn. / Neutral} The Children of Atom are strangely resistant to radiation. The Brotherhood's spent years trying to learn why. So far, no luck."
  • "Proctor Quinlan said something called bug spray used to exist before the bombs fell. I wish we had some of that now."
  • "You're pretty handy with that terminal. Haylen would be impressed."

There were a LOT of lines I managed to find and delete. Numerous location related comments, battle cries, reactions to you stealing, etc... With this mod, Danse'll be a tad more quiet, but at least he'll make sense.

IMPORTANT: This mod only removes IDLE voice lines. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out a way to fix Danse's swap out lines with other companions, or really, any voice line that makes use of the cinematic camera (essentially, comments said during quests and conversations). I've tried it, but my game ends up glitchy each time... I figured uploading a stable, yet somewhat incomplete version of this mod would be better than uploading a buggy mess! Keep an eye out, though... if I find a solution, I'll be updating this mod first thing : )

If you have any questions, PLEASE don't hesitate to ask me! The effects of this mod won't be noticeable right off the bat, but with time, you'll be able to notice how Danse doesn't mention the Brotherhood as frequently as he used to.

A good way to check if this mod is working is by asking for Danse's thoughts. He shouldn't say any of his generic Brotherhood voice lines.


  • Removes his annoying Brotherhood related lines when asking for his thoughts.
  • Removes his annoying Brotherhood related idle lines when he’s just standing around.
  • Removes comments said when you arrive at certain locations. The lines removed are only ones that explicitly refer to him being in the Brotherhood.
  • Removes Brotherhood related battle cries (ex. For Elder Maxson! For the Brotherhood!) and reactions (ex. saying “That’s not how we do things in the Brotherhood” if you steal something).

For a BETTER Post-Blind Betrayal experience, look into my other mod, Danse Name Fix.... which merely changes his name from "Paladin Danse" to just "Danse". I would also strongly recommend looking into Danse dialogue overhaul by zumika. This mod does an amazing job at playing around with Danse's affinity related dialogue... There shouldn't be any issues with using these three mods at the same time.