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Starlight Drive-in Brotherhood Military Settlement

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The year is 2287. The Brotherhood Of Steels invasion of the Commonwealth is in full swing. Although Boston Airport is secure and a fine stronghold, The Brotherhood are finding it difficult traverse the vast city of Boston. A new staging point is needed to continue operations effectively.
Recon teams have recently stumbled across a decrepit vault south of Boston. Vault 88. It is with the excavation of Vault 88 that the Brotherhood take their next step in conquering the Commonwealth. After having Proctor Ingram and her team of engineers restore a powerful pre war fusion generator found in the vault,  Elder Maxon orders construction on a new forward operating base. And you Knight, have just been promoted to Garrison commander.  Known pre-war as Starlight Drive-In, the Commonwealth now knows it as Fort Sentinel. One of the most secure strongholds in all of Boston.

Congratulations are in order Knight, but your work is just beginning. 

**Yes im aware of the spelling error on the splash image, No im not going to fix it**

This is a settlement i've built at Starlight Drive-in. It is Brotherhood Of Steel themed. It is military themed. I've tried to build it as lore friendly as possible. This is settlement is fairly large and very detailed. Its decked out with everything you need, more on that below. This is a vanilla build, and can be recreated with vanilla Fallout 4 and select DLC. More on that below. I've included a video walk-through of the settlement below as well. Enjoy!

This settlement includes
  • A full Farm with every fruit and vegetable that supports max settlers
  • A water purification reservoir that can support max settlers
  • A fusion generator that supplies 150 power, plus 2 satellite generators that provide 5 power respectively
  • 8 scrap tables
  • 30 beds
  • A fully upgraded medical merchant table
  • An armor and weapons merchant table
  • A food merchant table
  • Plenty of strategically placed guard posts
  • A robot workbench
  • 5 power armor stations
  • An armor and weapons workbench
  • A rad cleanser arch
  • dog house for dogmeat
  • 3 Brahman feeding troughs
  • a recruitment beacon and an alarm beacon
  • plenty of lights
  • 2 Pommel-horses and 2 weight-benches
  • A soda fountain (Vault 88 DLC)
  • Your own personal office with plenty of storage for notes and holotapes
  • Your own private quarters with 2 mannequins a bed and plenty more!

First things first. You need to download,

Transfer Settlements-Shareable Settlement Bluueprints
HUD Framework
Fallout Script Extender
Nexus Mod Manager

Once your mods are installed its a simple process. Install Transfer Settlements FIRST and follow all of his instructions to a T. On his page you can find all your required instructions and FAQ's. Once your mods are installed download this file manually and extract to your Fallout 4 folder located (normally) in your C Drive. Boot up your game via Fallout Script Extender and load the Transfer Settlements holotape. Follow the instructions on the Transfer Settlement page and Boom, you're finished.

The good news is this build requires absolutely NO mods. The bad news is it does require DLC. You'll need

Contraptions Workshop
Wasteland Workshop
Vault-Tec Workshop
Far Harbor

All are heavily discounted on Steam right now, there'[s no better time to buy.

Please feel to use my settlement in videos or promotions, just do me a solid and give me credit for building the settlement. At no time do i allow this file to be re uploaded by anyone else without my express permission first. If you see this file somewhere online please PM me to let me know.

Feedback is greatly appreciated. Now that i've messed with blueprints i'm going to start working on transferring my heavily modded settlement The Metropolis Of Sanctuary. I want to thank Reddit for being so kind in regards to my work. More to come! Especially when Fallout 76 is released. Thanks for checking out my work!

-xXTurkXx aka Tiny Turk