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Adds a cute outfit with a coat and jeans for females.
- - - - Legacy version - - - -

Permissions and credits
This is the old version and only available for mods depending on this.
I'm still preparing the new mod page. Almost everything was improved or replaced by higher quality pieces to create the new Redux version.
The new Redux mod is online now. Check it out ;)

Well, I played around with 3D modeling and created a customizable outfit for females.
This outfit is designed for autumn/light winter seasons.

The outfit has a lot of customizations waiting for you:

  • Color of the coat (Black, Gray, White, Beige, Blue, Red)
  • Color of the Blouse (Black, White, Red, Blue)
  • Color of the Jeans (Blue, Deep Blue, Black)
  • Type of Shoes (Sneakers, Flats, Boots with two options, Pumps with color option). They also affect the enchantment of this outfit. Sneakers boost your agility, flats and boots and pumps increase your charisma. Boots and pumps increase charisma even further but reduce your agility slightly. You can also choose between a wide and a tight jeans. A skirt with a pair of boots is also included.
  • Pouches: Up to 25 additional carry weight. (Requires Armorer 1 for +10 and Armorer 2 for +25)
  • Railroad Weave
  • Lining (from Vault Suit)

This outfit as well as a matching white scarf can be crafted at the chem station unter utilities.

Screenshots are always welcome. ;)

Install with NMM or manually. There are two types. The main file comes with BA2 archives. There is also a loose version for those who prefer this.
If you use the bodyslide files, make sure you download the same version as the main file.

Remove the ESP and BA2/loose files. Make sure you're not wearing the outfit or your special stats will be messed up.

Known Limitations
  • Despite the fact this outfit uses CBBE, there are no Bodyslide files (yet). mixlmax created them. Thank you ;)
  • The coat's hood may clip with some long haircuts.
  • There is no male model. This might crash your game if you try to wear this as a male character (Well...obviously this is a female only outfit, right?). You have been warned! It looks like someone made the male models. 

  • The coat and the jeans will clip with probably every piece of armor. This is inevitable with Fallout's armor system.
  • Because of the fact that I'm a noob at 3d modeling, the flats and the jeans are...well...they have a LOT of polygones. I did not notice any issues with that, but this might be a problem for those of you playing that game on a toaster. ;)
  • For me the BA2 version results in some weird texture distortions. If you have this problem too, use the loose version instead. I have no idea whats wrong with that archive.

  • This outfit is based on CBBE, but may work without it as there is almost no visible skin (untested). Worst case will result in broken textures on the skin.
  • If someone needs a matching autumn graphics mod, I can recommend Autumn Overhaul.

  • The base model of the Jacket and the boots are free models from and modified by me. Thanks for this ;)  Because of this, please don't redistribute the files and do not upload this mod to other sites.
  • Also many thanks to drmwayne for the boots' footsteps sound fx.
  • And even mor thanks to mixlmax for the bodyslide files.