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Gives additional end-game functionality and durability to Power Armor. Also greatly reduces the rate at which Power Armor pieces are destroyed.

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Tl;dr Makes power armor much more useful late/end game, while not making it overly OP early game by drastically increasing the HP of power armor pieces and also greatly reducing the rate at which the pieces are destroyed.  Also adjusts the tiering system for upgrades so they make more sense, and added bonuses for the Model F/Mk VI armors. For compatibility, check bottom of page.

UPDATE: I've added plugins for the Tesla T-60 in Automatron, and for the Nuka Cola T-51 and Quantum X-01 armors from Nuka World. There are two separate plugins, one for just Automatron, and one for Nuka World and Automatron.  Enjoy! ONLY USE ONE OF THE FILES. Each one contains the full mod, so only use the one that matches what you have/want.

Power Armor has always been one of the biggest selling points in most, if not all Fallout games.  Fallout 4 is certainly no exception.  However the Power Armor in Fallout 4 suffers from the major flaw of being destructible, whilst every other armor type in the game isn't.  There are few things as disheartening as wandering around in your shiny fresh suit of BoS T-60 armor only to hear the beeping of a mine, and before you can find it, it goes off and suddenly your legs are destroyed.  There goes ~300 damage and energy resist, and if you had the calibrated shocks, 100 carry weight.  So NOW you have to go back to a settlement and repair your PA.

Well this mod aims to reduce the number of times you have to do this from every mission to maybe every 3 or 4 missions. In a nutshell, this mod doubles the base HP of all Power Armor pieces, while also roughly doubling the HP bonuses they get from every upgrade tier (ie from model A to model F).  In addition to that, this mod also reduces the rate at which Power Armor pieces take damage by 80%.  It however does NOT greatly increase the overall damage resistances of the Power Armor parts.

I also found the upgrade system for Power Armor to be rather silly.  Each tier was governed by ranks in Armorer, and later Science. Which made some sense, but when I looked more closely, I realized that all of them shared the exact same requirements to upgrade for each tier, regardless of whether or not it was the basic T-45 or the end-game X-01.  So I went and made some adjustments there as well.  Now each tier of Power Armor upgrades will require scaling ranks of Armorer, Science, and for the later ranks, Nuclear Physicist, ensuring that each tier is actually worth getting as you level. In addition to that, I also added requirements of intelligence for the T-60 (along with agility for the later ranks), along with intelligence and charisma for the X-01.  My reasoning behind this is that lore-wise it would semi make sense, because you'd need to be incredibly smart to upgrade these technically post war armors.  Also you need to invest a lot into intelligence in general to get the science and nuclear physicist perks anyway.  And if you want the Mk VI X-01 armor, you're going to have to somehow get your base hp up to 570.  And it is VERY much worth it.

And because I felt bad for it, I also gave the raider Power Armor a slight buff, so that before you get the model B of the T-45, the Raider PA is actually better.

But that's not all. Because having 5 upgrade levels of armor when you only have 4 ranks of armorer seemed odd to me, I adjusted it so that the E ranks of the T series and MkV rank of the X-01 match the F and MkVI ranks respectively in damage resistance, with heavy requirements of armorer and science for each.  So each rank will actually be slightly stronger resistance wise than their vanilla counterparts.  However, this left the F and MkVI ranks open for me to add end-game options.  However the requirements for these are rather stiff in perks and materials, so it may or may not be worth it unless you're a hard core power armor user.

Now each armor has a unique F model.  This is due to how I viewed each armor in game. I'll list off each armor and what makes it's F model unique, and the requirements perk wise to make them.

T-45 (Armorer 4, Science 2, Nuclear Physicist 2)
The starter armor, I saw this one as the lightest of the 5 PAs in game.  As such, it's Model F has large boosts to AP, and also a boost to the character's movement speed.  In addition to that, because it was originally designed for use in Alaska against the Communist Chinese, it has added Cryo resistance.

T-51 (Armorer 4, Science 3, Nuclear Physicist 3)
A direct upgrade over the T-45, I viewed the T-51 as being top of the line for pre-war USA military.  However, I saw it as being heavier and designed for more extended combat than it's predecessor.  As such, the Model F for the T-51 has bonuses to Strength, Endurance, Carry Weight, and some agility.  I also figured that since it was designed as backup for Alaska, and because it was made after the T-45, it should have fire and cryo resistances.

T-60 (Armorer 4, Science 4, Nuclear Physicist 3, Intelligence 10, Agility 10)
There is a lot of debate as to whether or not canonically in FO the T-60 was pre or post war due to conflicting lore.  Regardless my impression of the T-60 is always the same. Tank. Pure and simple. As such, the Model F for the T-60 has bonus damage and energy damage reduction (not resistance).  No SPECIAL bonuses, just pure damage reduction.  And because it's more advanced than the T-51 and T-45, and is supposedly better suited to wasteland combat, it has fire, cryo and poison resistances.  Should make the BoS Knights and Paladins last a little longer late game.

X-01 (Armorer 4, Science 4, Nuclear Physicist 3, Intelligence 10, Charisma 10, Base HP 570)
The X-01 always struck me as the pinnacle of PA tech. This is also supported by it's heaviest upgrade requirements and the fact it only starts spawning on the map once the player hits level 30, and that there are only 2 places in the vanilla game where you're guaranteed to get a full set if you're the correct level (35 Court and South Boston Military Checkpoint).  As such, having such a rare set would certainly help you out in large settlements and markets (it's all about making an impression). So at Mk VI, the X-01 gets bonuses to Intelligence and Charisma, in addition to the bonus fire, cryo, and poison resistance. After all, it is supposedly the most advanced Power Armor in vanilla fallout.

Lastly, PA frames will receive a substantial mobility bonus once your character gets a certain set of perks. However, these are all perks you'd normally acquire as a PA user.


Compatibility and Conflicts:
Compatible with most other mods. MPAM and PAMAP for sure.  However, any mod that alters the model tiers (ie makes model B uber, or something like that) will conflict.  This mod will also conflict with any mod that directly alters the PA pieces themselves.  Lastly any mod that changes the Object Effect attached to PA frames will conflict with this one.  This mod will not conflict with any mod that adds materials, PA paints, or misc mods to PA. Also this mod will not have any effect on any custom PAs (like the Midwestern PA, CMC PA, X-02/03 mods, etc), but will still affect the frames they're put on.