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Adds a crafting recipe for the Alien Blaster, that adds the function of calling down an orbital laser strike on your foes.

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Do you miss the ARCHIMEDES II from F:NV? Have you been hungering for an orbital strike weapon in Fallout 4? So have I. 

This mod adds an attachment to the Alien Blaster that allows you to designate an Orbital Cannon Strike.

For the sake of lore, for those that may want it: "Call down an Orbital Laser Strike from the Zetan Mothership, in geostationary orbit above America."

The attachment requires 4 Science to build. It changes the ammo count of the weapon to 1.

I have also included a loose attachment on the Zetan alien from whom you forcibly retrieve the Alien Blaster.

The Mod uses vanilla assets (namely the Mini Nuke and Liberty Prime Laser Cannon characteristics) and functions as a standalone.

Works exceptionally well with CROSS Crit Gore-verhaul, as the final explosion has the same effect as the Alien Blaster, and it's fun to watch a group of skeletons fall over post-impact.

This is the first mod that I have uploaded to public domain. Due to the nature of my work, I will be unavailable to answer requests from Aug 18th 2018 until mid-December, so if ANY other authors wish to take inspiration from this mod and improve or adapt it, be my guest.