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This mod adds the iconic gas mask of the Soviet Union.

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Mod Details :

This mod adds the iconic gas mask of the Soviet Union. You can choose through a total of 15 skins.

Names for the skins :

  • Default

  • Addidas

  • Black

  • Bloodied

  • British

  • Camo

  • Classy Deer

  • Deer Skull

  • Discolored

  • Fire Starter

  • Industrial

  • MaxG3D

  • Skull

  • Spider

  • Taxi Man

How to obtain :

You can craft it at a chem station, buy it from merchants, or get it off enemies you kill (raiders, gunners, etc.)

Is It Lore Friendly :

Yes it is, as it was made during the cold war which is the same time period of Fallout, and yes I made sure to put asbestos as a crafting requirement so be happy.

Notes :

There will be a hose attachment soon and transparent lens coming in the near future, as well as a conversion method for swapping head slots on the mask rather then two different versions of the mask. Also, the model can clip through the head on occasion, due to the nature of mask itself. If it does bother you, or occurs too much, you can increase the size in body size and that should fix issue.

Credits :

TrulyBritsy - Models & Textures

OhDeerSKR - Textures

MaxG3D - UV Mapping Tips

D1v1ne122 - Implementation and LL

You - For Downloading