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There is a lot of strange things with this Vault.
This is maybe the closest I've gotten to a functional cityplan for this settlement. It has however only 1 level at this point, but will be more levels if some of these issues can be properly solved in the future.

Known issues:
  • Double doors appears. Just delete one of them. (not fixed)
  • Scrap not scrapped. Sorry, about that.
  • Floating boxes and stuff? For some reason scrapping during the build takes more than I asked it to do. (most of this is fixed)
  • Flickering walls and floors. Dont know why this happens, but normally there is double of what is flickering. I trust you can sort this out in your build.
  • Lights have light but dosnt light up anything? Walk out the tunnel and come back in so you get a couple of loadingscreens, this usually fixes it.

This build happens only in the first main room of the vault.
It does have a player bed, waterpumps and workbenches.
There is a platform ready for your ILS with easy access power for it.
It supports Industrial Revolution, but they will become normal Industrial if you dont play with it.
Mega Pack: Year One have been used, but is not required. Note that the bathroom/lavatory may not build correctly without it and Designers choice activated for this settlement.

Thanks to kinggath for all his support in giving me an option to solve issues with this Vault.