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-ALPHA VERSION- A loot overhaul providing some new never-seen-before features in a fully fledged loot and economy overhaul: location-aware loot containers, dynamic hand-placed loot, more rewarding lockpicking. WARNING - makes the game much harder than vanilla survival!

Permissions and credits

A modular survival overhaul

# Motivation

Damn Apocalypse was created to fix the perceived shortcomings of all loot overhauls we currently have. We (that's us, BabyBearington and payl0ad) actually needed a proper hardcore loot and economy overhaul as a functional replacement for Horizons loot/economy overhaul but it soon became apparent that this would become a large project that aims to completely fix loot distribution and the in-game economy. We ended up going much further than Horizon (conceptually) in regards to loot.

The motivation of this first core plugin is to provide constantly challenging loot distribution while also making item placement and selection far more plausible than vanilla FO4. This loot and economy framework is also to be expanded with other plug-ins later. It will support other popular gameplay overhauls so you can have other mods take care of certain gameplay elements while enjoying the plausible item placement and scarcity of Damn Apocalypse.

# Overview

  • Loot should be location-aware. Meaning, one should find more medicine in Hospitals, more ammunition in military facilities and more valuable scrap in industrial locations.
  • There should be no abundance of loot with 200 years of constant scavenging. The vanilla game feels a lot like the player is the first person to explore the ruins of Boston, which is just not plausible an thus breaks immersion to a degree.
  • Pre-war and post-war locations/containers should be split in a distinct manner and this has to be visible in loot. This covers aspects like Jet or Pipe Guns.
  • Hand-placed loot should not be a guaranteed item X at position Y. Everything should be randomly spawned (to a degree - we do not want to interfere with visual storytelling).
  • There should be no completely useless items. Everything has some use.
  • DLC items should be loosely integrated into the Commonwealth where it makes sense. 
  • Fusion Cores only spawn fully charged in vendor inventories. Power Armor suits, if you manage to find one, will be damaged.
  • 200 years after the apocalypse, society still hasn't reformed. Everything useful (ammo, meds, chems, food/drink) is rare.
  • Becoming wealthy should be an actual accomplishment. Everybody will try to squeeze as many caps from the players stash as possible.
  • There are several chains of crafting recipes and mechanics that essentially enable farming infinite caps or rare resources. All of them need some bottleneck to unbreak the in-game economy, making bottlecaps an actually useful resource.
  • Crops should not yield usable produce all the time.
  • Containers need to feel more "personal". Loot lists should reflect their type of container. Locked containers should be more rewarding compared to unlocked containers.

# Core Plugin v0.9 (alpha) Details

## Loot
  • Added a few dozens of filler items - unripe or spoiled food, literal trash like paper scraps, a pile of bricks, the list is too long to type out. In a lot of places, both containers and hand-placed loot, Damn Apocalypse has a chance to spawn trash (an empty Stimpak for instance) instead of something highly useful.
  • No item is completely 100% useless. Burnt Books have been changed to give resources, same as Burnt Magazines.
  • Most containers you'll come across are "generic", containers in certain kinds of locations like hospitals, industrial sites or military bases have been replaced with location-specific containers that spawn loot from a different list.
  • Unlocked containers are often empty or contain only trash items. There will still be useful scrap from time to time. Loot like ammo, medicine or other consumables are much easier to find in locked containers.
  • Most useful hand-placed loot (almost all consumables and fusion cores) has been replaced with a dynamically spawned, location-aware version. Foods and drinks spawn more reliably in inhabitated locations and can spawn a trash item instead of a food item in abandoned places. Nuka Cola vending machines now spawn all types of "base" Colas, placed Colas outside Nuka-World can also spawn as Vim! variants.
  • Both container-based and hand-placed loot is pre/postwar aware, meaning no postwar items in places that are abandoned for at least 100 years. No more pipe guns in prewar safes, no jet in pre-war containers, little details that can be immersion breaking.
  • Harvesting meat or scraps from dead creatures requires a new Misc Item: Hunting Kits. This is to put an additional bottleneck into the way food is acquired. Meat is harvested by looking at a corpse and pressing SPACE and requires at least one Hunting Kit to be present in the players inventory, which gets consumed in the process. Hunting Kits can be crafted at the Chemistry Workbench in the "UTILITY" section. The Wasteland Survival Guide #5 increases yield when harvesting.
  • The LockExtraLootScript has been transferred to a lot of containers that didn't have the script before. LockExtraLoot-Lists have been made container-aware and location-aware (before, there was exactly one set of lists for all locked containers). 
  • Some containers are built in a way that enables "objectual" storytelling - for example, the Non-Raider Suitcase container has "themed" lock lists that spawn certain equipment combinations like a scientists belongings or a mobsters drug stash.

## Economy

  • Several economic loopholes are now nailed shut: Jet is much harder to craft, no water tap produces purified water anymore, crops produce far less usable raw food items, water is more expensive to purify.
  • Vendor rates have been cranked up considerably. You sell for less and buy for more.
  • Prewar Money now has 0.1 lbs of weight and will be absent from unlocked cash registers. 
  • Doctor service rates are raised considerably
  • Vendors have been cleaned up and their item selection has been reworked. As crafting equipment mods will be much harder to make with less loot, vendors sell more mods. Workshop Vendors scale the amount of items/caps with level. Higher levels also gain access to other vendor lists - a level 3 armor vendor will sell Power Armor parts for example.
  • Vendors will spawn DLC items like the Lever Action Rifle or Robot Armor.

## Miscellaneous

  • Power Armor suits in general spawn complete but damaged. Suits just standing around in the open have been disabled. If you want to find a suit, look in military bases. For now, these suits will only spawn T45 and T51 models, making X01 absent from the game and T60 only obtainable from the BoS or the Atom Cats. Unique suits like the Vim! suit or the Nuka Cola suit are untouched. All suits spawn with partially drained FCs.
  • Harvesting crops yields either a crop item or some nigh-useless trash item, either by harvesting manually or through settlers.
  • NPCs will spawn DLC items. Mostly weaponry and consumables. 
  • Food recipes were overhauled slightly to require more ingredients. Purifying water requires more resources.
  • Lockpicking has been made slightly harder while bobby pins are more scarce. More containers have been locked.
  • Boss Trunks that are marked as such are always locked to have a sort of guaranteed useful loot drop.
  • Crafting Stations require different or no perks to build.
  • Fusion Generators turn their attached lights off when the FC is removed
  • Some lists are unleveled: Vendors will spawn unleveled items all the way while all NPC lists are still leveled. Level spread for these has been rebalanced, there is still new loot to discover at level 45.

# Compatibility

This is an early alpha that is mostly feature complete. It does what we need it to for now but is uncleaned and unrefined. As we do not have the time to do intensive testing (not saying we don't test) there will be some rough edges as well as improperly placed items. If you notice this, please make some screenshots of what you encountered and we'll see what can be done. The plugin currently includes several hundreds to thousands ITM records of unmodified placed references. This isn't necessarily a problem for now but you are free to clean the plugin of ITMs yourself.

Damn Apocalypse requires Automatron, Far Harbor and Nuka-World. We will not provide a non-DLC version because it would be a nightmare to maintain.

You can find a patch for Valdacils Item Sorting in the optional files section.

Note that while nothing will break if you install Damn Apocalypse into an existing save game, this kind of defeats the point of the loot overhaul. Damn Apocalypse is best used for a new game.

As a large overhaul, Damn Apocalypse collides with certain types of other mods in several ways. We will try our best to list known conflicts and provide guidance how to solve them, if realistically possible.

Damn Apocalypse is obviously incompatible with other loot overhauls. Don't even try. Damn Apocalypse makes heaps of structural changes about how loot is distributed and replaces many leveled list structures entirely. Mods that override only few leveled lists might be compatible, depending which ones are changed.

Leveled List injection for most mods should work, depending on which precise lists those mods inject into - it might be that Damn Apocalypse removes that leveled list from the loot distribution for some reason. If you notice this happening, tell us the exact mod combination and we'll see how this can be fixed. Should only require some xEdit wizardry to get going again if the script author has more brains than a guinea pig.

Because Damn Apocalypse actually redirects a ludicrous amount of placed references, it can be seen as a location mod. It includes copies of roughly 75% of all worldspace cells as well as nearly all interior cells. This makes it necessary to place Damn Apocalypse before all mods that modify worldspace cells and mods like Boston FPS Fix. All our cell copies are safe to override. We only override placed containers, consumables and some ammo items. All precombined references remain intact. Because we keep precombined references intact, some greenery mods might behave funny. Rearrange your load order if this happens.

Generally, the Core plugin does not make changes to NPCs (only some LLs they use), weapons, armor, related crafting recipes or anything else related to combat. It does not change any consumable item, ammo item or magic effects. It changes a select few MISC items. Legendary Items and how they spawn is unchanged for now.

Known Incompatible:

Known Compatible:

User boringvlln was so kind to provide quite some patches for all sorts of mods.

We are open to requests for patching but you may also create patches for the core plugin at your discretion and upload them to the Nexus. Please give us the URL if you do, we want to link your patch in this list.

# Credits

All assets included with the Core Plugin are remixed vanilla assets. All asset work was done by BabyBearington and payl0ad if not otherwise mentioned.

The font used for the logo image is "Overseer" by Neale Davidson.

Tools used:
  • Creation Kit
  • FO4Edit
  • Notepad++
  • Material Editor
  • NifSkope
  • GIMP 2