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Quid Pro Kourage and Deadpool2099

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A replacement for the 10mm Pistol with Deadpool2099's amazing 9mm handgun in all of it's glory.

As you probably gathered I am on a hiatus right now. I'm planning to reinstall Fallout 4 and get back into modding, maybe trying my hand at some NPC mods. No I am not buying FO76

Permissions and credits
A True Replacement

This mod is a replacement esp, so it doesn't just replace the models or create a duplicate versions of the handgun. This completely replaces the 10mm pistol while preserving all the hard work the original mod creators put into it. Including:
  • Original 9mm Sounds
  • Weapon modifications
  • Custom Animations
  • Custom Paints and Skins
  • Leveled list integration (now using the 10mm LL rather than a custom one, may need some bug fixing)
  • Legendary Drops
  • Hand-placed unique weapons from the original mod


1.1: Updated the value so it's worth the same as a vanilla 10mm, and updated Piper's pistol so it looks the part too
1.2: Fixed the directories so Nexus put the ESP in the correct place
1.3: Got rid of the tag saying telling the pistol to use the default 10mm sounds

"But where can I find Auto Pistols? The 9mm mod doesn't have automatic receivers"

Well, random unforseen commenter, I added some in just for you, and they're incorporated into the 10mm autopistol leveled lists, including legendaries. They're available in the miscellaneous file section. Sadly though, the sounds are kind of weird, the original mod wasn't made for that in mind. I'll see what I can do to amend this.

"Do I need the original mod?"

Yes, just for the assets. Download both of these mods, activate the 9mm Browning and then this mod, and click yes to override the esp.

"Can I use the Browning 9mm on its own before I use this one?"

No, it's not game breaking, but the original mod uses a new ammo type (the 9mm) and incorporates it into the leveled list, so if you use this one afterword, there'll be a whole bunch of now useless 9mm rounds and 9mm weapons which you'll need to scrap.

"Can I install this mid-game?"

Yes, but I wouldn't recommend this. It'll still work but any Vanilla 10mm Pistols you already have will stay vanilla. Just scrap the ones you have and find another one from a trader or a corpse and you should be good to go.

"How do I uninstall this mod?"

Get rid of any modded 10mm's you have and uninstall the mod, any 10mm's you run into after that should be Vanilla.

"Your mod is bugged and is therefore awful!"

Well make a note of what's wrong and I'll get around to fixing it when I have the time.

"Your mod is bugged, and I fixed it,"

Well tell me and we can arrange for you to send me the esp, if all looks good I'll put it in an update and give you the credit.

One final note, thank you to all of the original mod creators for making the 9mm Browning, show them some love, and kudos. Here are the credits for the original mod:
DeadPool2099 (Painter2099) Creation of models, textures, and original .esp plug-in
blackxteel (Ha_Ru) - creating animations
Hitman47101- creating animations
Multibears - new firing sounds
Navaro - Firing and equip sounds
I hope you like it!