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The latest offsets / INI file (and an explanation of how to make your own "ini" files) for StochasticTinker's "Dynamic Performance Tuner And Load Accelerator" mod. These offsets are needed every time fallout4.exe is updated. I'll do this for you when I can, but this also shows YOU how to do it.

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This "mod" contains the properly named "ini" file and offsets needed to make StochasticTinker's "Dynamic Performance Tuner And Load Accelerator" work properly for the latest fallout4.exe. Hopefully, that will be whatever version you need when you read this in the future. Today, that version is

That is all you need. Just drop the INI file (included in my zip) into the Fallout 4 directory, and have a nice day.  The Fallout 4 directory is where the Fallout4.exe and dxgi.dll files live.

Any other files in the zip are only needed to tinker or create the INI file yourself using the 'cheat engine' program.

Please remember to endorse any mods that you like (and work correctly), it lets others know which ones work as advertised. I'm sure the authors would appreciate it. Hint: DPTaLA.

While you're at it, remember to give kudos to those people that go above and beyond the norm or go out of their way to help you. They spend their own time to help you for nothing more than the feel-goods. Kudos make them feel pretty darn good. :-)

You're still reading? If you want further information about how to do this ini thing yourself or you are just curious, I have a few articles now in the "Articles" section (imagine finding them there) that you may want to read, and some screenshots that may be useful to you.

The purpose of this "mod" is to pool everyone's efforts and to have the first person with the correct answer, post that solution in the comments, thus saving everyone else a ton of work and also to verify that the "solution" is correct by consensus (testimonial of the brave).

For now, I will volunteer my efforts and do this posting-of-the-files for you, and provide a place for all of you to congregate. I will also find the new ini values when I need them, which may not be when you need them, because I don't usually let steam whack on my live files and I use a metric ton of mods. If you post in my comments, I'll surely see it the first time, but I don't check this site all that often, so help each other in the comments and be patient.

If you are more self-reliant, understand hex, or desire a bit more hands-on knowledge, then please see the articles and screenshots that I uploaded so far. Else just go bitch that the ini files that you desire for today's exe version are not uploaded fast enough for you. That always motivates people after the first time it is mentioned. /s I understand extenuating circumstances, but how many times did you actually do the work yourself and then upload the solution for others to also use, huh?

I also understand that tech may not be your thing, and I forgive you for that (engineer's joke). Just be patient and see if anyone else posted that the exe just changed revision, once. People, it's not a popularity contest, authors just need to know ONCE that it's a thing. Learn to read other comments, folks. All the comments don't exist on the first page and nobody likes you when you ask something that was already just asked. Really. Any rational person knows this.

Do not let steam hose you by running live, with the exact same files that steam will trample all over on the next update.

Use FreeFileSync or WinMerge or something similar, and keep a working copy of your (modded) game files, and then steam can't ever hose you, despite how badly it wants to. Or just copy the few files that change (use either tool to figure it out) into another safe place so you can revert the "upgrade" offline until all your ducks are in a row. Save a copy of the "new" files before you revert, and you won't have to wait on steam to verify all the files.

When possible, run steam in offline mode or whatever.  We all know how rare it is for Bethesda to touch the exe if not for the creation club nonsense (that breaks so very many mods every time they do it). We also know they wouldn't fix any bugs or add wonderful content so why upgrade at all? Enquiring minds want to know.

You can then upgrade when its convenient for you (and all your mods are properly upgraded). What a concept, updating code that you own, on a time schedule that you like. Alternatively, you can just run steam in offline mode and restore from your daily backups. You are modding FO4, so you must have daily backups, yeah? No, that was not a joke.

With a pre-configured "cheat-table" from the previous version, it is trivial and not nearly as scary as it looks, to do this yourself (and share it). In a perfect world, you could post a copy of your offset tweaks for others to use. For now, feel free to PM me and maybe Nexus will ping me. Stranger things have happened.

P.S. Yes, I do know the definition of both smug AND condescending. ;-)