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Changes the Far Harbor Lever Action rifle to use .44 rounds instead of .45-70, and edits Far Harbor vendor lists to offer more .44 ammo instead. This effectively removes .45-70 from the game.

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I stumbled on this as a suggested fix somewhere on the Nexus to make the Lever Action rifle more usable and figured why not - so I made it. Should be pretty simple. Just make sure nothing in your list is overwriting those changes.

Compatibility wise this means it's not gonna be compatible with anything else that edits the base record of the Lever Action rifle. Armor Keywords compatibility is built in and is, therefore, a requirement for now.

This SHOULD be reasonably lore friendly, as you do find lever action rifles chambered in .44 IRL. But more importantly, it means you can use your lever action rifle back in the Commonwealth without having to edit the ammo lists to add a new bullet type that's only used by one gun.

Best on a new playthrough, and with no other mods attempting to add the .45-70 rounds back into the lists, as they're effectively rendered completely useless for anything but extra caps.