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This mod adds Han Solo's iconic DL-44 Heavy Blaster, featuring custom model, textures, animations, and firing sounds.

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Evidence Brief - Classified

Pursuant to Bureau of Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco, Firearms and Lasers (B.A.D.T.F.L.) policy and standing orders from Provisional Governor Graham, local installations are to be searched regularly for possible Chinese infiltrators, civilian malcontents, and illegal contraband.

Searches Conducted October 22, 2077

Hub 360

-"Nothing Found" Pursuant to Standing Orders from Colonel Johnson                                                                                                


-Confiscated 1x Unique Pistol (Plasma/Laser?); Maker referred to it as a "Blaster", stored in Main Lock-up
-Some egghead at C.I.T. made an illegal firearm, can't tell if it's a plasma or laser weapon

-The guy in the evidence lock-up tells me he knows what the gun is, apparently it's modeled after some gun used by some character in a picture show, Hans Lonesome or something.

This mod brings Han Solo's iconic DL-44 Heavy Blaster to Fallout 4. The gun features custom models, textures, firing sound, and animations.

The DL-44 can be found in the main evidence lock-up in the BADTFL (see image above). Be sure to grab the three DL-44 Blaster Packs next to the DL-44, those are its ammo.

The DL-44 found in the BADTFL is a unique variant with the VATS Enhanced legendary effect.

Additional non-unique DL-44's can be crafted at the chemistry station under the DL-44 category AFTER you find the unique one in the BADTFL.

The DL-44 uses a custom ammo type, the DL-44 Blaster Pack, you can find three of them next to the DL-44 in the BADTFL, additional packs can be crafted at the chemistry station under the DL-44 category at a cost of three fusion cells per blaster pack. Each blaster pack grants one-hundred shots. The blaster packs operate in the same way as fusion cores for the gatling laser, namely if you have two fresh blaster packs and fire twenty shots with one, reload to the fresh one and burn through that one when you reload the next time that blaster pack will have 80 shots. If you reload without fully using a blaster pack, it will load in the one with the highest number of shots remaining.

The customization of the DL-44 is limited to its damage, scope and legendary effect (if you have a mod that allows you to do that). The damage starts at 50 energy/50 ballistic, the damage is subject to all enhancing perks, (i.e. lone wanderer, gunslinger, and bloody mess). The base damage can be magnified to 550 energy/550 ballistic before perks. The base damage is balanced for vanilla, so if you don't want to be overpowered then don't enhance it, if you do, then go nuts.

The scope has full see-through scopes framework integration, no separate download needed. If you want the see-through scope, then use either the default or reflex scope, if you want the vanilla scopes, then a short or recon scope is available; iron sights are also available.

The animations are adapted animations of wardaddy's (with his permission) Chinese Pistol animations.

The base mod contains 2k textures, 4k textures are available for download; all images are showing the 4k textures.

1. Install the main file with either Nexus Mod Manager or Vortex.
2. (Optional) Install the 4k texture with your mod manager of choice and overwrite when asked, or just drop it in the data folder and overwrite when asked.

Thanks to:
DMagnus, this mod would not exist without him.
Wardaddy, for his permission to use his animations.
Jost Forster, for his DL-44 model and textures