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This mod adds 18+ supply caches, scattered throughout the Commonwealth populated with ammo, food and medicine.

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This mod (as of now) adds 18 supply caches scattered throughout the Commonwealth for the player to discover. These caches contain ammo, food, medicine, water and junk. I decided to split my mod up into different modules that cover the vanilla game and DLC areas. All caches have map markers and can be fast traveled to. This mod was created with survival mode in mind, since a number of cache sites have sleeping bags.

Minutemen Supply Caches

The first module is directly inspired by countercruel's Minutemen Supply Caches mod. Though I found the premise of his mod interesting, I disliked its execution. While it focused on equipping the player with settlement supplies, this mod is meant to reward exploration and make survival mode a tad bit less frustrating. Therefore, I created this module to suit my own tastes better.

  • 18 supply caches
  • New location: Minutemen Recon Bunker
  • Fully Navmeshed
  • Cleaned with xEdit

To start the mod, head to Wicked Shipping fleet lockup (to the south of Sanctuary Hills) and find the Minutemen Recon Bunker. There, you will find the key that unlocks the caches and a terminal that contains a list with the cache locations. All locations can be recognized by the Minutemen logo, but some are equipped with additional traps to keep potential ne'er do wells out, so pay attention or get your legs blown off.






Install with your prefered mod manager, or manually drag the esp into your Data folder.


This should be compatible with any location mods, as long as they don't edit the same locations as this mod. I've tried to avoid placing the caches in ruined houses and such, since a lot of popular location mods edit them (Like Beantown Interiors). Other than that, I've provided a Valdacil's item sorting patch for anyone who might use it.

Future plans
  • Harbormen Supply Caches   coming soon
  • Raider Supply Caches  coming soon-ish
  • Distress signal