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Contains a Railroad Heavy Companion and a few standalone weapons, all made with CK.

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Contains a Standalone companion from the YouTube Channel Captainoob. This particular companion is the Railroad Heavy character that I play as sometimes while testing weapons. She is located at the Robotics Disposal Yard east of Sancturary. She also comes with 10 standalone weapons.

When you find Ella and recruit her, she will send you to hunt down a Courser miniboss. The Synth bodyguards are always legendary and will spawn with 2 spawn grenades to create more. While they are dangerous if left unchecked, you will be able to farm them for Legendaries and XP if you feel like it.

Ella will be armed with an modified an Auto Hunting Rifle (Think BAR) and an Auto deliverer. These are also available for the player too. She is also equipped with a concealed Stealth Boy as well. Which will cloak in combat or while crounching. You can also obtain that yourself.

-Auto Hunting Rifle
-Auto Deliverer
-Railway Repeater
-Railway Spiker Shotun
-Longbow Frag, Plasma, Pulse, Nuka grenades
-Plasma Rupturer (Think Slagging gun in Borderlands 2)
-Synth Pacifier Beacons (For Legendary Farming)

These weapons are scattered around her shack. The Grenades are craftable

***Watch Video attached for further details.***

YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/c/Captainoob

Thanks for reading.