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Female Vault Dwellers

36 characters

Looking for movie stars or beauty princesses?
- use backspace! This is not the page for you.

The main idea is not to create beauty princesses but natural or special looks within the options the vanilla game gives you. Most of my characters are MATURE.

The saves are all before you leave Vault 111
The majority are saves in the Sanctuary Hills bathroom. This means you have to go through the lenghty intro sequence, but you can change name and appearence if you wish before you leave Vault 111. Everything is optional in Fallout 4. Even the character name (thank god).

The looks of the characters will depend on your PC's hardware. Smaller resolutions on lower graphics cards will decrese the depth of the textures.

All characters are pure vanilla face design except for the use of
Azar Ponytails for the latest. This should still give you the option to use many additional mods if you wish.

Azar Ponytails is available via the ingame mod menu
It is not available here on the Nexus site at the moment. I can't tell you why. Azar became famous for his ponytail mod in Skyrim. He recently updated his mod it with some pretty cool afro hair styles.

When creating a character some give up and say "They all look like men!"
Yes, maybe, but try give the character some make-up and a different hair style. You'll see.

A face can change a lot with a few optical tricks like make-up, skin and
eye color, hair style and color. It's all an illusion. Without these
tricks we'd all look pretty much the same.

"It's all in the mods. The small personal touches," as Arturo Rodriguez would say.

Looksmenu presets (*.json)
I was recently asked why I don't use Looksmenu presets and release my characters as *.json.
I think this utility is a great thing but this requires the script extender for Fallout 4. I think it's a bit complicated to install all this and like to use the Face Ripper instead. If any of you want to use my characters on a save later in the game I suggest using Face Ripper as well. It's very easy to use.

As many other creators I'd very much like to see some screenshots from you. Even if you change the looks of my characters. It's interesting to see. I'd be happy if you'd upload some.

Thumbnail overview

There are more images of the characters on the image pages (in some cases additional images posted in the end of the list).

A short introduction to the characters


My first attempt to create a hard looking no-bullshit character. She is just out of the cryo chamber (I somehow deleted the first autosave).
Sian has faded blue eyes in deep eye sockets, high cheek bones, freckles and a classic nose.
I played around 30 hours with her, and she's great. She has a face that changes like a chameleon. She can look really mean and determined but also very tender and friendly. That's how I like them.
She is a bit heavy in her expressions. I guess the reason is her large cheeks and cheekbones?


My second attempt. This time a freckled redhead with light blue eyes, high cheek bones, lots of freckles and a cute nose. Her body type is a bit rounded but muscular.
A really positive face with lots of charm. She feels tender, relaxed and friendly - and never looks stupid.
The save is the very first after you created her in the bathroom. You can rename her and whatsoever when you get to the elevator leaving Vault 111.

Via - new version!

My fourth character for Fallout 4. I tried to recreate the face of a girl I knew many years ago. She had some italian genes mixed up with her danish. Slim with dark hair and eyes that never let you escape. She actually often had the hairstyle I chose for her. This save is the very first from the bathroom.

Gunnlaug - new version!
A blonde freckled nordic type. Always happy. It can actually be a relief to play with a character like her. Sure she can be tough like anyone else, but her looks is positive. Normal body type.
Gunnlaug means 'deditated to war/battle' in islandic (gunn = war/battle, laug = dedicated to/meant for).

Yang Guifei
Well, one shall be honest. Yang was an attempt to create the face of Lucy Liu. I didn't succeed. But the result is fair I think. There's something fascinating about asian faces.


A slim blonde with hazel brown eyes, a cute nose and a fresh expression. The left side of her face is severely damaged with older burns and scars. She appears very positive, smiling and merry and has a tender shine around her. She is a really great character to play with. She ghas this glimpse in her eyes. The shor hair style makes her very fresh and vital. I can recommend her if you're looking for a solid and fun character. She ads lots of life to the game.
NB! This version has BROWN eyes.

A calm but intelligent and aware character. She has dirty blond hair, light grey eyes, natural bushy eyebrows and freckles. She appears very serious and determined but not unfriendly.

A mature woman of about 40 years of age with rounded cheeks, blue hazy eyes, black hair, freckles and a large mouth. A personality you wish never to have as an enemy. This one is a real badass!
Séarlait: Irish form of Charlotte. Fenn means 'marsh/bog'

Ilona (1)
A very strong mature character aruound 55 years old with a slim face and a larger nose. She has grey hair, light blue eyes, visible but not dominating markings. A visible scar above her left eye.

A mature 35 year old woman with a very wide spread expression. A cautious fox mixed with a curious squirrel. Her face is dominated by freckles, blue hazy eyes, full lips and a nose with a wide nostrils. A typical nordic blonde with a glimpse in her eyes.

A mature woman about 50 years old. Grey hair, blue eyes. Lots of age markings in her skin with different textures and effects used. Almost invisible sometimes, but it gives consistency and ads to the feeling of reality.

A redhead with pale skin, freckles, cute nose and clear hazel brown eyes. Young - between 20 and 30. Not much consistency in her skin due to her age.
She's pretty natural in general. Impression of relaxation is middel, but bright and aware. Body type is a bit in the middle.

A slim, mature blonde with blue eyes and lots of carefully placed complexions and a single mole near her right nostril. A fairly independent and calm presence in her look. She has a clear aura of something mystic, gracious and fine porcelain around her. The body type is a bit more slim than muscular to match her face. She is somehow pretty exiting to play with.

The neighbors brat who rolled your dog in tar and  feathers and sat fire to your dad's new Harley Davidson. Young redhead with freckles, deep brown eyes, fine skin textures and a scar over her nose and above the left eye.
Bera is the replacement of 'Mille'.

A blonde beauty with light grey eyes, distinctive nose and thin/muscular body type. Her skin is mediocre detailled but not dominating visible. She has almost no makeup. The makeup used is for creating the distinctive details in her looks.  Brise simply means 'breeze' in danish.


Blond with lots but almost invisible face textures which gives her a natural look. Rounded face with high and solid cheeks. Her body type is between muscular and rounded. A very healthy girl.
This is actually an attempt to create the face of a girl I had a crush on in highschool. Shehad the most wonderful tender smile. A girl with many sports interest. Bright and intelligent as well she ended up working for the danish goverment.
I added three extra images for you with different hair styles.
In real life she always had short hair.

A slim, light tanned, mature brunette with blue eyes, a fair amount of complexion and a single mole near her charming nose. A fairly independent and calm presence in her look. She has something solid and natural. The body type is a bit more muscular than slim to match her face. She is somehow pretty fun to play with.

Xi Shi
My second attempt to create an asian girl. A pretty natural looking girl. I tried to get the typical asian look around the eyes and cheeks. The colors are chosen to fit her skin tone. Azar Ponytail 13 used as hair style. Body type slim/muscular. A very sensitive looking girl with a bit of mystery around her?


The rebellious and cross type with a glimpse in her eyes. Very skinny with jet black hair and heavy makeup around her eyes.
Maricruz is a WONDERFFUL character to play with. She is actually extremely charming. She is not to be missed if you look for a great character.

Charlotte (the original)

The french girl you dream of. Maybe not a Betty Blue, but surely a sight to sigh for. Charlotte is slim with a fairly large nose and orange makeup, hazel green eyes and warm brown hair, lots of almost invisible complexion, a few slightly visible scars om her cheeks. Charlotte has this very special look in her eyes. Her age is around 25.
She reminds me of an actress. She doesn't have to be french. I just can't recall who. If anyone who reads this has a clue, please let me know. I have a feeling that she might be an older actress today (not Erika Stevenson or Julia Roberts...). Thanks in advance.

Charlotte V1 - new!
A blonde with a natural face and warm brown hair, hazel blue eyes. Detailled complexion to make her real and alive. I chose a Azar Ponytail for her which covers half her face. It gives her a calm look which is very lively when she talks and moves. Body type is slim/muscular. She and Charlotte V2 are both alterations of the original Charlotte right above.

Charlotte V2 - new!
A brunette with almost the same face characteristis as Charlotte V1. I wanted to see if the result would be the same as for a blonde. And it turns up that you instinctively change a lot of things. I guess the reason is that colors naturally belong together. You can't always just change hair color without changing other colors. Types, races and genes are probably dependant.She also has the same detailled complexion the Azar Ponytail covering half her face. Body type is slim/muscular. She and Charlotte V1 are both alterations of the original Charlotte just above.

Dione - updated!
A dark tanned classic greek profile with green eyes, high cheeks on a slim face. Lots of practically invisible complexion details giving life. The bronze tan allows you to see her green eyes better. Lip color is dark (15). I chose a shorter hair style to enjoy her high cheekbones. Her body type a bit more thin than muscular. Jet black hair.
Dione means 'The goddess' in ancient greek mythologic name for the mother of Aphrodite, a feminine form of Zeus (deus).

Aignéis - Updated/adjusted
A hard looking alt brunette with jet black hair, wide shin, dark lips and eye gauge. Aignéis has lots of almost invisible textures but no scars. The strong black makeup turns her eyes into deeeeeeep dark lakes and leaves us with a mystery. She definetely isn't a lady you want as an enemy.


The italian. After several attempts I finally hit the desired looks of her. A warm brunette with green eyes and freckles. Her left side has several scars. Medium to slim body.

Fhir á Bhata
A very hard looking brunette with severe face damage on her left side. Slim body type.
I like playing with her in the playthroughs where I chose Cait and take no bullshit. She looks very determied.
I named her as a tribute to a song used in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: "The Fields of Ard Skellig"
Fear a' Bhàta (translated The boatman) is a Scots Gaelic song from the late 19th century, written by Sìne NicFhionnlaigh (Jean Finlayson) of Tong who was courting a young fisherman from Uig, Dòmhnall MacRath.
The song captures the emotions that she endured during their courtship. The part of the story that is rarely told is that they were married not long after she composed the song.

Link to the song: The Fields of Ard Skellig

A beautiful tanned brunette. Perhaps mexican? Maybe italian or spanish? Her body type is slim/muscular.
Somehow the female voice fits her perfect as Bethesda chose a fairly deep.

A beautiful tanned brunette.
It's not easy to create a mature character. Not unless you don't mind they look like something out of a comic book.
Zani is around 50 years old. She is tanned with light grey eyes and clearly
visibly age markings. She does look great for her age though. I imagine
she's from southern Europe. Maybe italian or spanish? Her body type is
neutral (center).
I tried to create the expressions that comes with age. Not the naive bright look but the evaluating and calm. Somehow the
female voice fits her perfect as Bethesda chose a fairly deep.

A beautiful blonde with Blue Hazy eyes and round, soft and healthy face. The almost bald head gives her a very special look and makes you focuse on her eyes. She has almost no make-up, just enough to give her the 'pink skin' look.

A hard and clean face to look at. Yet smooth and full of natural markings and signs. A delight to play with.

This is maybe my dearest female character for Fallout 4. The result of half a year I felt good enough to be shared with you.

Roisin is a brown/auburn haired young female. I would place her origin in Ireland. Her face is rounded with strong cheeks and jaw. A physically healthy survivor. Sporty but not thin in any way.
Her basic sullen expression allows the game engine to fully use the settings I chose for her. This is a relief. She feels happy when she smiles, sad when she's emphatic and so on. The contast is good because of this sullen look. The 'blue hazy' eye color is chosen. It makes the eyes more shallow and deep.
Every part of her face is carefully adjusted to express every feeling at its best. No akward smiling or sleepy looks during surprises etc.
Her hair style chosen is Azar Ponytail 13.

A typical neighbors daughter, sporty and healthy to look at. Her body type is sporty/muscular. Thin wouldn't fit her solid facial bone structure.
She is kind of cute to look at without being a doll. Just natural relaxed.
Does she express other things? Well, I guess she doesn't look naive in any way. Maybe rather smart and cautious.

She is created with lots of almost invisible markings and damage. You can only see them if you get real close to her. But it gives her this natural and genuine look.

I actually created her as Aslaug on December 9th, 2016. I played quite a bit with her. But there was still a few things I wasn't satisfied with. The Face Ripper by xatmos made it possible for me to transfer her face to a new start save (thank you very much, xatmos!)

The meaning of the name given (which you can change of course):
Roisin is irish and means 'Little rose'.


A tough, intelligent, precise, evaluating and calm mature mom who doesn't fall into any trap.
You clearly see she is in her 50's. One of those faces you always feel submissive being close to.
She has grey hair and deep hazy blue eyes. You will see her age marking clearly if you get up close.
A thin/muscular body type. We can't imagine a 300 pound mom evading a deathclaw, can we?
Rionach is a delight to play with if you're in the serious mood. No bargain at her doorstep. She means business and she's the one in control.
Her name is taken from irish legends. It means 'queenly'. She was the wife of 'Niall of the Nine Hostages' and as such the maternal ancestor of many of the great Irish family dynasties like the MacLoughlins, O'Donnells, O'Gallaghers, O'Gormleys, and O'Neills.
A real tough mom I bet...
I created her on November 17th, 2016 but made a few adjustments before releasing her.

A tanned brunette with vivid eyes. A bit wild to look at. She has a very independant look, but I don't think she's boring at a party? Her body type is slim/muscular, hazel green eyes.
The female voice fits her quite well I think.

An experiment which ended up in a what I would call an eastern european look. A rather soft and smooth looking brunette with lowered eyebrows. Azar Ponytail 13 is used to give her this soft and tender impression.I rarely use the 'full pout' lips but they match her very well. She has a merry aura thanks to the lowered eyebrows and the choice of lips and hair style. Body type is exactly between slim/muscular.

I appologise for the missing option to change view in the first autosaves I posted.
It seems the game doesn't allow you second person view unless you change it and make second custom save before you close the game. It can be quite annoying if you have downloaded a character and have to wait until the Vault Tec representative rings the bell. I can't change this, but I will make a second save right after the Character Creation Mirror from now on.

PS. There are more images of the characters on the image pages (additional images placed at the end of the list).