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Sometimes a bullet in the head isn't as effective as an idea in the head. Craft this propaganda beacon in your settlement to prevent attacks from even happening.

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Designed to protect resource-intensive settlements, this Propaganda Beacon produces a staggering 250 defense.  The building materials are not the true cost of this item, however.  First of all, it doesn't actually do anything if you get attacked.  To build it, you must have the Intimidation Perk at 3 (10 Charisma, Level 50).  Also, you can only build one per settlement.  So if you're producing 500 water, you'll still need your banks of missile turrets.

For maximum effectiveness, I highly recommend BS Defence by RColl.  That mod helps you win settlement attacks when you don't respond, based on your defense rating.

This mod contains only one settlement item, so I'm uploading it exclusively as an ESL file.  ESP version added by request.

At the current time, it doesn't actually broadcast a radio signal.  I'm hoping to change that as I learn more about how the Recruitment Beacon works.