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Transfer Settlement blueprint for Sanctuary that requires Annex the Commonwealth with two annexed areas (Vault 111 hill and the southern wetlands).

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Sanctuary Settlement Transfer Settlement Blueprint

Welcome to Sanctuary, stranger. We're founded by Quincy refugees, bad business that, and this is also the town of the Sole Survivor! Yup, that's us. We weren't going to let those traitors and Gunners at Quincy keep us from living! We've a few good stores for ya along the main road, and there's plenty of work. The bar isn't bad down by the river, but there's also a nice quiet spot for "recreational activity" to the north on the river if you're hooking up with someone nice. There's a whole other kind of entertainment to be had by heading up on the hill to the bar at the top above Vault 111. The town of Fallen Tree is beyond that, and then nothing for a hundred miles. Last stop, stranger. The road's pretty long from here, and that's a fact.

What Is This? This Nexus listing is a build for Sanctuary that will house 30 settlers. You will need Annex the Commonwealth because of the two annexed areas: Vault 111's hill and the south wetlands. I feel that if people of the wasteland could have rebuilt towns and cities then Preston and gang would have stopped in Concord after the fighting was done. They aren't rebuilding cities - they're just getting by - and so my settlement design philosophy is to show off "just getting by". People live in the rickety old houses here, covering up their windows and such with whatever they could find. Things are spread out, and the main market square is really the only bustle you'll find here during the day.

Until settlers get themselves to building the sim plots, a few things will float above or on the side of the buildings. You may need to kick off the IDEK station over by the creek on the hill leading up the the vault (the one with the free floating power connection and warehouse light). 

Highly Suggested Settings: I found that the default Transfer Settlement import settings = crash to desktop in several tests. The Stable setting worked every time. Also, I'd suggest turning off auto-assign temporarily with Sim Settlements so your settlers won't start banging on your rig with all their coding needs until this settlement stabilizes as per Transfer Settlements own warning. I'd also suggest rethinking the Sim Settlements visitor system if you get 25+ settlers with a bunch of brahmin. That system is the #1 CTD I have with high settler counts even well above detailed models and such. AI pathing crash I believe they call it.

Problem Spots: 1) Annex the Commonwealth is used here and so you will need at least the Vault 111 hill and the south wetlands annexed. There are minimal sim plots and a few other tidbits there that are not connected to the main settlement power (and should never be, please, as per Annex and Sim Settlements suggestions); 2) Transfer Settlements seems to have duplicated and turned some objects up on the hill at differing angles to each other where the prostitutes hang out. Once the settlement stabilizes as per TS popup warning, you'll need to adjust that; and lastly 3) Sim plots outside the vanilla boundary in the two annexed areas do get assigned and do build, but no settler wanders over to them. Ever. They are what they are as per Annex and Sim Settlements suggestions.

No walls? WTF, man! Yeah, I didn’t include walls around the settlement. Budget concerns. A settlement (even out in the middle of the Commonwealth) like this design wouldn’t necessarily have many walls. You can absolutely add them though, but watch out for budget. I appreciate walls, but I don’t feel they’re required to make a natural settlement or that they’re even a primary design choice.

I hope you enjoy Sanctuary, and that it feels like a natural settlement sprung up from the wilderness. Please be aware that this is just a blueprint, so many functional problems will likely need your feedback in Transfer Settlements or Sim Settlements forums.

Other Stuff From Me: I also have other blueprints, Fallen Tree (Northern Exposure added settlement) and Tinkertown USA (Starlight). My weather patch provides for very dry desert weather chances.

City Plan? I'm not sure Sim Settlements City Plans and Annex the Commonwealth would work well together, but if you want to use my blueprint to craft a Sim Settlement city plan like Yagisan did with my Fallen Tree blueprint, please just let me know and credit me for the blueprint. I'd be happy to see someone who knows how to do City Plans make up something for this.