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Transfer Settlement blueprint for Starlight, a nearly pure industrial town. Uses slot #7 in TS. Some images are early builds.

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Tinkertown Settlement Transfer Settlement Blueprint

Welcome to Tinkertown, stranger. Don't get caught up in the machinery, but if you do we'll still put you to good use as mulch for the farms. We specialize in mechanical and mining industry. We're tinkerers but we have fun after hours over in that shed after drinking at the only damn bar in town. Come by and sit for a spell. Tell us what gizmo you're looking for, put up everything you got in them pockets and we'll make a deal. On the side, of course. Taxes here are a bit more than you're used to I think. What? You think upkeep on all this machinery comes cheap. Caps, my friend. Caps never change.

Update 7/15: Realized Nexus listed a mod as required that Nexus told me was the one I meant, but no, it isn't. The Junktown mod is NOT needed! The Sim Settlements addon called Junktown is needed. Ugh! Also altered text about Annex the Commonwealth. Still suggested but you could use All Settlements Expanded instead or skip them altogether because only two items I know of *might* straddle the vanilla green line - store them and put them down elsewhere.

What Is This Toxic Industrial Town? This Nexus listing is a build for the Starlight settlement. In this TS blueprint, twenty-five settlers and a touch extra can reside with this build, and there’s some room to grow. I intended the advanced industrials to gear up for what Sim Settlements added in the R&D patch recently. Please note that in this video I use other mods such as Dustbowl or desert weather patches (mine, actually). They are obviously not required. I am not using an ENB, but the mod Fallout 4 Color Correction + various weather mods likely is the ENB-esque tone in the images and videos - not needed, of course, just FYI.

Transfer Settlements and Annex the Commonwealth Together: I'm not sure the two work together as yet in the way we hope, so almost all of my items are within not only within the incorporated Annex township, but 99.5% within the vanilla build zone to boot. Annex the Commonwealth is listed as "required" but in fact it's only highly suggested. If you happen to have All Settlements Expanded instead, that works too. If anything, two objects *might* breach the green vanilla boundary, but incorporating the town with Annex or Expanded will solve that. Nothing is built in an annexed area in any case. I've not yet been able to get TS and Annex to work importing into annexed areas in a different settlement (crashing to desktop immediately), so I avoided that here.

Other Problems: The IDEK station may need to be specifically chosen as it may not build naturally. Also, I'm not sure that Transfer Settlements understands or accepts the custom furniture from the new Sofa King commercial plot of Sim Settlements. They did appear in my test import but when I nuked them in another settlement as tests they simply refused to nuke. Either way, you have mods for furniture right?

No walls? WTF, man! Yeah, I didn’t include walls around the settlement. Tinkertown has militia posts and the buildings serve as natural walls. A settlement (even out in the middle of the Commonwealth) like this design wouldn’t necessarily have many walls. You can absolutely add them though. I appreciate walls, but I don’t feel they’re required to make a natural settlement or that they’re even a primary design choice.

I hope you enjoy Tinkertown, and that it feels like a natural settlement sprung up from the wilderness. Please be aware that this is just a blueprint, so many functional problems will likely need your feedback in Transfer Settlements or Sim Settlements forums.

Other Stuff From Me: I also have other blueprints, Fallen Tree and Wasteland Sanctuary. My weather patch provides for very dry desert weather chances.

City Plan? If you want to use my blueprint to craft a Sim Settlement city plan like Yagisan did with my Fallen Tree blueprint, please just let me know and credit me for the blueprint. I'd be happy to see someone who knows how to do City Plans make up something for this.