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This mod changes the attack chance base to 100%, and changes the minimum wait per attack from 7 days to 0 days with zero regard for defense statistics. Settlements still need to "qualify" with population and resources (food and water). If a settlement isn't being attacked after you notice the script has triggered, there's likely a radiant quest.

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This mod changes the attack chance base to 100% (without having to worry about your defense statistics, everybody wants your shit no matter the cost), and changes the minimum wait per attack from 7 days to 0 days. I do not have the ability to TRIGGER the attacks earlier in the game. In my experience***, settlement attacks occur roughly around level 13. I have not tested this on a save game, and therefore do not recommend it as I cannot guarantee the length of in game time it will take to trigger the modded script.

Once the settlement attacks start in the game, all settlements that are (1) populated, and (2) have resources (food and water) will begin to be attacked (I only changed values in this mod, I did not want to change the functionality of the script). If a settlement ISN'T being attacked (again, once the game triggers this, not immediately upon install), it means there's a radiant quest awaiting you at that settlement.

As you can see from my screenshots above, Starlight Drive-In was built, and subsequently attacked, within one in-game day. Unfortunately two radiant quests triggered at my other settlements.

I highly recommend pairing this with More Attackers - Get Off My Buildzone in order to tweak attacking factions and resolution times. You WILL be busy if you're the type that want it.

*** 1000+ hours of gameplay, just have never beaten the game because I find something new to mod and have a compulsion to start from scratch for the "new" experience. This, however, was one of my biggest goals I wanted in-game, so I'm hopefully going to actually beat the game this time.