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This mode allows player to walk side by side with a companion.

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This mode allows player to walk side by side with a companion.
This mode support only one human companion including Nick.
This mode doesn't conflict with Everyone's Best Friend mode but doesn't support dogmeat to walk side by side.
This mode uses original vanilla AI packages without complex coordinate calculations, so companion does not exactly form a formation, but to me it feels more natural. I hope you to feel that way too.

This mode is simple and have no install issue, no requirement.
Use NMM or copy content into data folder.

Remove all files and clean your save file with Fallrim Tools.

<How to Use>
First, You should have 'WSBS Toggle' item in AID tab in your pipboy.
This mode doesn't add this item automatically or support via craftable item  because I wanted to reduce script.
Open console, and type ---> help WSBS 4
and type ---> additem XX0044CE 1

Second, use this toggle item whenever you want to toggle between side by side walking and original walking.
I recommand to use Hot Key mode.

Side by side walking will not work well if speed difference is high between player and companion.
My setting is that player walking speed is 120, companion is 100.
check with console command 'getav speedmult' and set new value with 'setav speedmult XXX' (XXX is new value).
Here is another way but you can handle creation kit or Fo4Edit. Open esp with these tools and find 'followersCompanionPackageSideBySide -> Near Max Distance'. and... 
if your companion walks faster, decrease this value from 900 to 850 or 800.
if your companion walks behind, increase this value from 900 to 950 or 1000.

This mode modifies 'Followers' quest aliases, conflict with all other modes that modify this quest. for example, Amazing Follower Tweaks is an example.
This mode may conflict with mult follower modes because these mode usually modify 'Followers' quest.
You'd better check conflict with FO4Edit if you have one.

I made this mode with 1.10.89 version, but I think there is no problem for 1.10.98.

Sometimes, companion suddenly disappears while walking and appears from far away. This is because he loses coordinate and this is fault of vanilla AI.
It is a bug that often happens, but you did not notice it because he was always behind.

Side by side walking doesn't work well in Diamond City or Good Neighbor City. This is because companion has a lot of idle work to enjoy in these cities.
Like this way, if there are many NPCs around, side by side walking may not work well.

Side by side 'Running' also doesn't work well becuse AI starts a little later than player.

Companion may be on your left side or on your right side. this is determined by vanilla AI. I don't control this.
However, you can change position with effort. If he's on your left side, try to put him on your right....

Enjoy.. and don' t forget Endorse after 15 minutes if you like my mode and I will appreciate you.