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Plasma caster. Classic Fallout weapon

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Well, this time it's much better. At least, I managed to correct most of the previous mistakes. Although there are new...

But I added 3 replacement barrels, cooler and paint.

The main problem is the model that the player uses (with NPC everything is all right). Due to the fact that I can not find the point of binding the rotation of the barrel, the player either is attached to the wrong place or rotates not in the center of the axis. I believe that this point is in the animation files, but I have not reached them yet. I'll try to fix it later.

Weapons are added to the LL and should appear with traders at high levels, the soldiers of the Brotherhood of Steel, supermutants and some game characters.

Another bug with a doubling of barrels and sights when crafting. This bug appeared at the last moment before I flooded the mod on Nexus, and I have no idea what causes it :(
Update 1.3
Until I could not eliminate the bug with the rotation of the barrel, I just post 2 versions of bugs. In one trunk everything is still stuck out in its place, in other with the barrel everything is in order, but the hand falls through the texture of the weapon :/
Аnd I also corrected the paint texture that broke in the previous version.

Update 1.2
Texture replacement. I could not get these textures to work properly, so I completely redesigned them using the palette of maps. He began to look different, but now it really looked like metal. I also left some textures in high resolution, in places where they are very noticeable.

Update 1.1 
I managed to reduce the texture to an acceptable size. The file weight has decreased 4 times. Quality is not badly affected.