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This is a small patch to Be Exceptional that reduces the maximum damage increase from weapon skills. Rifles, pistols and explosives have a max bonus of +30% damage while melee and unarmed weapons have a max bonus of +50%.

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I've always found Fallout's damage bonuses for weapons to be a little ridiculous. Why do guns deal twice as much damage in the endgame compared to the beginning? No amount of skill or perks should allow you to magically shoot twice as hard. There are lots of perk mods for Fallout 4 that tone down the damage increases, but unfortunately none are compatible with Be Exceptional due to the way it handles skills. Therefore I've decided to learn the bare minimum of modding to remedy that problem myself.

The Rifles, Pistols, Heavy Weapons and Explosives skils, rather than having a +100% damage bonus at max skill level, have a +30% bonus. So if you have a sniper rifle that deals 100 base damage without accounting for any skills or perks, it'll deal 130 damage at max Rifles skill with this mod (as opposed to 200 damage originally). Melee and Unarmed weapons, however, have a max bonus at +50% because they're not very good when compared to their ballistic counterparts.

I haven't tested this much, but I haven't run into any problems or unexpected outcomes either, so it's probably not a problem. Probably.

Also included is an alternate file that additionally lowers the Stimpak and RadAway healing bonus from the Medicine skill. Use it or the main file, but not both.

This mod should be compatible with everything that doesn't alter Be Exceptional's weapon skills. It should be pretty obvious, but you need to install Be Exceptional and by extension, LevelUpMenuEx in order for this to work properly.

Many thanks to rcoll for creating Be Exceptional and Neanka for creating LevelUpMenuEx. And to Bethesda for creating Fallout 4, I guess.