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This is just another mod that adds a makeshift looking solid wood stock for the Nuka World Handmade Rifle.
(All Raider Faction colors included - I tried my best to not make the colors/textures too different from orginal parts)

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Well yea i know there are other mods like this around but i decided to do it "my way" and try to give it that weathered look and not make it too different texture/color wise from the rest of parts.

You may recognize the shape of the stock.. indeed that's mesh from Radium Rifle IMO it fits pretty good except the default texture shading.

Its not ideal but i'm happy with it.
Did it mostly for myself but decided to release it because why not :)

It has same crafting requirements and stats as Shovel Stock but requires slightly different materials
[Optional] Added version that doesn't require "Big Leagues" perk when crafting
Requires Nuka World DLC (obviously)

And as always if there are any problems or missing files or any problems with file path let me know.
I double, triple check my mods but meh i'm only human.. mistakes can happen :P