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After receiving a lead to a condemned apartment complex on the outskirt of West Roxbury, you are compelled to visit it.

Claustrophobia is a fan homage to the cancelled silent hills game, it was inspired by its predecessor silent hill 2 and resident evil 1.

Permissions and credits
Claustrophobia is exactly what its title implies. You are drawn to a condemned apartment complex to unveil its long forgotten story and explore its tight halls filled with unnerving creaks and squeaks. Mannequins somewhat taunt you every corner, walls turn inward and the layout seems impossible.

The custom deathclaw model for this mod was made by Hopper31.

An xbox 1 version is available, ps4 wont be because of scripts and custom textures.

Q&A :
- Its dark ! Its supposed to be like that, dont panic.
- The monsters are too strong ! You're not supposed to fight them dummy.
- I saw something i shouldnt have ! Maybe dont use 3rd person or rush rooms like a cat on crack.
- I found a grammar error ! Send a bug report or make a comment.
- I found a glitch in the level ! O_O tell me more.
- The last level is weird ! So are you... also i know it could be improved, i had a deadline.

More information :
- The mod takes 30 minutes to complete
- There's 7 bears total.
- There's 25 notes total.
- The monsters are invincible.
- There's a secret room on the second floor, the key for it is hidden.

"Anguish" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License