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A mild change to make it to where the DC security guards wear more diverse under armor.

Currently very limited, I may develop it further later.

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-- Tell me if it works or if they's naked --

This is a mild tweak to make it to where Diamond City Security guards wear more than just athletic outfits. Their helmet and armor are still the same though. This consists of: (So far).

  • Athletic Outfit (normal) 30% Chance
  • Long Johns
  • Road Leathers
  • Harness
  • Flannel Shirt and Jeans
  • Baseball Uniform 10% Chance
(The ones that don't have a given percentage are divided up between 60%).

I may do more changes later and if I get better at modding I might make unique outfits.

Tell me any bugs or anything you'd like to say.


It will conflict with anything that modifies the outfits of Diamond City Security, only the outfits, not weapons or anything else.
If you prefer this over another mod that changes their outfits just put this later in the load order.