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Hello everyone! This is my first attempt in the creation kit and modding in general. With this mod I aim to overhaul every aspect of the game and make fine additions to it, resulting in a "reborn" experience. But I hope this mod will have something that makes it unique, and YOU are the only that can make it possible, check below.

Permissions and credits
As mentioned in the short description, it's my first time in the creation kit and modding in general, which means I am still a newbie and am still in the learning process, like me, this mod will also be a progressive mod as I improve my skills and...I want this to be a community project, where everyone can contribute in any way making this the greatest of all mods, not only because of it's (to be) final size, but because it won't be a "mod", I aim for it to be something greater.

How can you contribute?

- For now, I mostly need advice and tips on how to do certain things, especially the ones I plan on adding in future updates, but don't know how to (in the bottom of the page there will be the future plans for the mod as well as the next update with questions).
- For the long run, I also aim to make this mod a conjunction of various community assets (with the permission of their respective authors of course) as additions to the game, not standalone, but integrated to the overhaul this mod will do.
- And my true objective here is to form a team, and make friends, where we all share the same goal, which is making this mod the greatest hit (DLC sized in the end) to make everyone's fallout 4 experience reborn.
- And to those who can and want, in future, when this mod is worthy of it, make some donations (i still have to create the pages though).


What has been added so far?

- Rebalanced all the perks (still to be revised and new perks will be added on it's respective update)
- Rebalanced all base armor/weapon values, excluding power armor and outfits.
- Rebalanced all the enemy values and spawn levels, as well as added some uniqueness here and there to certain enemies (to be revised on it's respective update).
- New damage types that were unused by the game: Fire and Cryo
- Things work like they're supposed to (talking about every grenade and "elemental" weapon)
- New 2H blunt weapon and bladed weapon "mechanics", knockdown chance and bleed chance without any kind of upgrades.
- More random miscellaneous stuff...

[Check the Forum tab for a more detailed description on the updates, seriously, just spend a bit of time reading it so you know what to expect]


It's a huge overhaul, in the end this is supposed to be used on it's own, that's why i want you guys to contribute to make this "pile" bigger, without having any compatibility issues. Currently what has been changed is noted above, i can't pinpoint exactly what mods are gonna be incompatible with. Some very small changes (mostly tests) are not noted there, but they are really minor stuff (for instances i think the only 2 are the double barrel shot count, aim model and the mirelurk's body data)

Requirements (v2.0+)

Far Harbor 

What do i plan on adding in the next update?

- Fix some things i wasn't able to in v2.0 and add what i had said i would. 
- Still thinking what i might go for, but it will probably be THE armor update (modification's values, armorer perk, new recipes, new upgrades)
- Note: If i get things sorted out, i'll be adding a new forum tab with what i'll do in each update, so you know what to expect and not expect.

Questions to make things work.

- How can i make an enchantment to disable robots (i want to make the pulse grenade disable them for a short duration). 

Long term plans

- Change all the DLC's (right now this mod is vanilla only)
- Implement community mods (weapons, armors, creatures, mechanics) with this overhaul to make them integrated into the overhaul so there are no compatibility problems and you have that content with the right damage/defense considering this mod's nature.
- Make every single enemy and boss feel unique (within the limits).
- Overhaul the legendary enemies and drops.
- Give an overall refreshed experience by making everything feel viable and ugh...unique (getting overused).
- Following the last point, the builds will feel like a specialty, rather than an op thing (*cough* rooted melee build *cough*)
  - Want to be a tank? Invest in the correct perks! Want to be a melee character? Same thing!
- Add new enemies and bosses, and unique legendary drops/collectibles.
- Add new crafting mechanics and add more variety to the armors (ex: Cage armor will be having more upgrades, considering it's a very cool outfit that gets not love).

Social Media

INSTAGRAM   (I post some of my concept art there)


Email: [email protected] (if you have a proposition or something very important)


As i said, i aim to overhaul every single thing, no need to repeat myself again. I hope this mod will be big, and that can only be possible with your help. Whatever you can contribute with, please don't hesitate.  Also if you want to give me a serious idea or want to work with me on this mod, private message me on the nexus i'm here almost every day.

Well folks, enjoy what I currently made! Let's hope this grows more! In the mean time i'll be making the next update.