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Hello everyone! This is my first attempt in the creation kit and modding in general. With this mod I aim to overhaul every aspect of the game and make fine additions to it, resulting in a "reborn" and refreshing experience, not straying to far from the vanilla and only enhance it.

Permissions and credits
The point of this mod is to make that RPG feeling pop out, but at the same time get a little piece of realism going on, because no one likes human or small critter bullet sponges. But enough introductions, let's get right to it.


What has been added so far?
Consider the mod in an alpha stage

[General changes]

- Some small tweaks in special stat buffs and player sprint speeds and other costs (more info on the forum tabs)
- 2 new damage types (unused by the game): Fire and Cryo
Removed health scaling from both the player and the enemies (do not worry, this is where the fun begins)
  - Player gets 200HP with max Endurance and thats as about tank as a normal human enemy can get (stronger variants can have slightly more health if they are tanks or you need a challenge in the endgame)
  - Life Giver can get you to 300HP and thats it.

- Every point in Luck now increases your critical chance.

- New knockdown mechanic for 2 Handed Heavy Melees.
  - Depending on your strength you will be able to knockout bigger critters with a certain weapon, dont expect to knock out a deathclaw with a baseball bat with 2 Strength.
  - Strength will also determine the chance of the knockout effect to happen, so the bigger the weapon and the bigger you are, the more often enemies will fall (especially small enemies)
  - Power attacking will also affect your changes and what you can and can't knock out.

- New bleed mechanic for knifes and machete 
 - Depends on wether your target bleeds or not
 - If you're power attacking
 - And when update 4.0 comes out, armor and skin type will also affect this.

[Weapons and Grenades]

- Re-balanced all the vanilla weapon damages to something more realistic and useful (ex: flamer now actually does fire damage and burns :o)
- Remade and re-tweaked the grenades to make use of the new elements and also to work as they are supposed to.
  - Molotovs burn stuff to death and deal fire damage (you can zone enemies by creating a "pool" of fire around them)
  - Cryo nades actually freeze enemies and do cryo damage (utility nades more than damaging ones)
  - Pulse grenades deal extra raw damage to robots (bypasses defenses)
  - Baseball grenades are weaker, but faster and explode on impact.
  - Nuka nades make things go big boom and will knock down stuff if they survive.
  - Pulse nades have multiple personality disorder and deal 3 types of damage (physical, energy and radiation)

[Perks and leveling]

- You now start with 3 points in every stat + 14 to use (35 points in total) on character creation. 
- Re-balanced all the vanilla perks for more satisfying build paths (still a little buggy some of them, and a complete overhaul will come in a specific update)


- Re-balanced all the vanilla enemies' body part data (includes non lethal dismemberment and correct damage multipliers to the limbs)
- Re-tweaked all the vanilla enemies' base stats to support the new damage changes
- Super mutants are stronger when their brothers are around.
- Super mutant armor now actually makes the difference between a tanky one and a weak one.
- Raiders have a wider variety of armors and head gear combinations to use.

- All the animal variants have something unique to them 
  - ex: albinos are incredibly strong to cryo but weak to fire, they have critical chance on their attacks.
  - ex: glowing animals have passive health regen and are resistant to energy
- Deathclaws have new abilities!
  - (unused already existing perk) They become stronger the more enemies are around them: more damage and damage reduction
  - Deathclaws have innate armor piercing
  - Deathclaws (being reptiles) have a passive health regen ability countered by fire.
  - Chameleon deathclaws are now invisible and will try to disorient you during the fight.

- New ghoul variants: Feral Ghoul Trooper (Found in national guard barracks) and Ravenous Feral Ghoul
 - All 3 glowing ghouls have been tweaked to be their own thing and have a strong regenerating effect

  - Normal glowing one:
    - Healer One
     - Decent damage and rather fast radiation exposure on hit
     - Fast regeneration
  - Putrid glowing one:
    - Fighter one,
     - His damage is unmatched,
     - Very strong and fast rad exposure on hit,
     - Good regeneration
  - Bloated glowing one:
    - Tank   
     - Damage is weak and  slow exposure on hit 
     - Strong damaging aura
     - Slow regeneration


- Re-balanced most of the vanilla armors to correspond with the new damage types 
 - More variety in what to choose depending on what you're fighting 
   - Raider is average vs ballistics, fire and energy
   - Metal good vs ballistics and fire,
   - Leather is good vs cryo and energy
   - Combat armor is good overall because it's an actual armor
   - Synth is very good against energy and good against ballistics

 - The values are more based on how the armor looks rather than the tier but the heavier and bigger, the more it will protect you.
 - Glasses + bandana + helmet is a thing now :)

  As of the current alpha for v3.0

  - NEW raider blueprints found on raider boss chests and raider scavengers
  - Raider armor, Leather armor, Metal armor upgrades remade
  - NEW Material components: Bronze and Platinum 
  - NEW miscs for leather armor
  - NEW Armor weight system, heavy armor slows you down significantly. Want to be a tank? Then move like one.
  - NEW Craftable raider armor for all sizes in the armorsmith workbench

 - NEW Collectible unique "Huntsman" legendary armor set, hunt Radstags, Yao Guai, Deathclaws, Mirelurks, Mirelurk Queens to get tokens and craft it!  (Armorsmith workbench)

 (To be made)

 - Overhaul of the outfits and make unique variants into common (ex: Elder Maxson Coat)
 - Remake the remaining modular armors
 - Add new miscs
 - Add a ton of new exclusive armors with unique effects (not just your normal boring legendary effects).
 - Add new armor sets like the huntsman one.
 - Add more blueprints

[Check the Forum tab and the changelogs for a more detailed description on the updates, seriously, just spend a bit of time reading it so you know what to expect]



As of right now, i suggest loading this last in your load order, it changes the game quite a bit.
Use AI mods at your own risk (Aribtration and Pack attack), they can be used if loaded before. But i can't make promises it won't break something that has to do with glowings or deathclaws.
Big overhauls are a big no no, they're usable but load them before if you want these changes to overtop those mods. (i will try to make patches in the future once i get my mod to a stable release)

TL:DR - Use mods at your own discretion, generally speaking mine should overwrite changes if loaded last.

Requirements (v2.0+)

AWKCR  (because of the workbenches, not used as of v2.0)
Far Harbor  (because of the perk changes)
Nuka-World (because of the perk changes)

Requirements (v3.0+)


What do i plan on adding in the next update?

- Next update will be the third update for Project - Fallout Reborn entitled "The armor update"
  - Expect a full change to the vanilla game's armor upgrades, misc upgrades, armor types and their use.
  - Blueprints, new mechanics, new upgrades, new collectibles, new components.
  - Bringing back bad armors and outfits from the dead.

Email: [email protected]  

or message me on the forums if you have anything important to say.


Well folks, enjoy what I currently made! Let's hope this grows more!