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This mod makes it possible to craft Potted Meat at a Cooking Station using Longneck Lukowski's secret recipe: Feral Ghouls. Wasteland Imports mod recommended as it restores cut content that this mod uses.

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Longneck Lukowski has a secret recipe for his Potted Meat: Feral Ghouls. And now, that recipe is yours. Using one Aluminum and one Ghoul Flesh, you can now make your own Potted Meat at any Cooking Station.

Please note, however, that Ghoul Flesh is an item cut from the game. This item is restored by the amazing Wasteland Imports mod, which is recommended for use with this mod. This mod does not use any Wasteland Imports assets, nor does it require Wasteland Imports as a master, but, as it was designed to be used with Wasteland Imports, it does require the same masters as Wasteland Imports.

Preferably, this recipe would have been unlocked after completing the side quest Mystery Meat, but I unfortunately couldn't figure out how to do that. As for acquiring the Ghoul Flesh, after Wasteland Imports is installed, Ghoul Flesh should start appearing as loot on dead Feral Ghouls.

As a side note, something I realized while making this mod is that the internal name for Mystery Meat is DN079, and the internal name for Ghoul Flesh is DN079_MeatGhoul. Perhaps this was something that Bethesda originally intended, perhaps not.