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A completely different take on Spectacle island

Permissions and credits
If the mod does not show in the holotape then try manually installing it into
(Disc drive you installed Steam into):\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Fallout 4\Data\F4SE\Plugins\TransferSettlements\blueprints

Steps before transferring the Settlement.
Step 1. Download the mod
Step 2. Scrap everything on Spectacle Island
Step 3. Import the Settlement

Required DLC:

Wasteland Workshop
Contraptions Workshop
Far Harbour

Required Mods:

Crimsonrider's Unique Furniture 
DDP AIO Standalone
cVc's Dead Wasteland
Functional Objects Overhaul
ReGrowth Overhaul
Kraggles Structures - Pier Prefabs and Terrain
Snap'n Build 2.0
Vanilla Extensions
Settlement Supplies Expanded
Minutemen Morale Pack
Settlement Objects Expansion Pack
PCDug's Pretty Triangles and Pretty Circles
DOOMBASED Settlement stuff
Butcher Meat Rack
G2M - Workshop
GreekRage's Picks
CREAtive Clutter

And make sure to check out my Collection of Images series which I will post a Hypertext link to the last collection
Art of War - A collection of Images
Now have fun and don't drink the water

And to those who like lore. The island was home to a suburb town named Blighton. But what the citizens of Blighton did not know is that there was a Missile silo with an experimental ICBM in it. As soon as the Great war started the missile was launched destroying it's way out of the silo and cursing the island with it's departure. Many years later people came back to the island to scavenge and to settle. The first settlement has been made on the island.
The Settlement of Blind Hope. But shortly after the creation of Blind Hope people started going insane or just out right dying on the spot after drinking the water.
But out of those who went insane a cult was made about the strange water. And shortly after their cult was made they were exiled by the people of Blind Hope. And so they went to the southern part of the island where there was more of the strange water there then at Blind Hope. And created their settlement of Blighted Thorn. And then the Sole Survivor arrived.

The Settlement also has many secrets to find.

Small disclaimer. Anything that is missing is not my problem.