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A love letter to Mad Max fans all over the world. <3
Features 2 custom outfits, accessories, legendary modification, and quest.

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  • Russian

While overseas, during your final tour of duty, you were stationed in Australia. The government was having a very hard time maintaining order there as there was even greater civil unrest there than in the U.S.. Due to the Sole Survivor's prior military police training, and that the MFP needed all the man power they could get, your CO placed you under the command of the Melbourne local MFP Chief Fifi Macaffee, to serve as a member of the MFP.

The MFP (Main Force Patrol) were the Australian Federal Police special task force founded in 2073 by the Australian Government as a last ditch effort to maintain civilization and order. The Purpose of the MFP was to support the regular police in combating organized crime, especially savage, motorized criminal biker gangs and marauding punks, and act as a highway patrol on the Transcontinental Highways.

You served under the MFP for more than 6 months, and were given an MFP uniform to wear in order to blend in as the locals were even more hostile towards the U.S. troops stationed there than even the local authorities. After your tour was over, Chief Macaffee gifted you the MFP uniform as you were considered a true member of their forces. You had served with distinction and honor in maintaining right, and formed bonds with those whom you served and fought together with. 

It wasn't like the kind of police work you were used to. You were given an extraordinary amount of leeway with how you dealt with criminals. Chief Macaffee had told you that "As long as the paperwork is clean, you boys can do whatever you like out there." You soon realized why that was, as you witnessed first hand what a real break down in order and rule of law was truly like, and the horrors it wrought. Even with that kind of authority, to sometimes be judge, jury, and even executioner, you weren't able to save everyone.

The things you witnessed and had to do left it's mark on you. You thought about home and your family, and the growing civil strife there and swore to yourself that when you returned and became a civilian again, you would do whatever you could to maintain right and order. To never allow that kind of lawlessness to run rampant on your country's soil.

Upon returning to the States and to Boston, as the local war hero, you donated your MFP uniform to the Concord museum in 2077 to chronicle the local war hero's exploits while stationed there. A new display was to have been built over the weekend, and due to debut on Monday, Oct 25th...

This mod adds 2 complete outfits to the game with unique mods and accessories:

MFP - from Mad Max and includes the outfit, separate full finger gloves, and thigh holster
Road Warrior - from Mad Max 2: Road Warrior and includes the outfit, separate open finger gloves, and Sam Browne styled belt with accessories
Sawn-Off Shotgun - Unique Legendary item

Standard crafting options are included*
*See How to Get? section for details

New Legendary Weapon Modification: Marksman - Time slows down briefly when aiming down sights, 50% faster reload speed.  Available for projectile weapons.  Works with or without Legendary Modification. 

The mod's items are available through a quest:  Maintaining Right...

For new games, the quest will start during the Out of Time quest.  For existing games, if the Out of Time quest has already been completed, the quest will start automatically, when loading the game with this mod loaded.  If a player has not done/ignored Out of Time, they can start the quest by entering the Museum of Freedom in Concord.

Once the quest has been completed, crafting options will become available. 

MFP Oufit
  • Lining mods
  • Legendary Modification
  • Badges: on or off
  • Shirt color options: Ice Blue*, Dark Blue, Black

Road Warrior Outfit:
  • Lining mods
  • Legendary Modification
  • Badges: on or off
  • Shirt color options: Black*, Ice Blue, Dark Blue
* Default option

  • Types: Waist or with shoulder strap
  • Accessories: on or off (Rigging knife, binoculars, fire brigade tools, and spanner)

  • MFP - full fingered
  • Road Warrior - fingerless

Holster & Shotgun

Q: Is this mod lore friendly?
A: Yes, very much so.  We spent a great deal of time modifying vanilla assets to be true to the movies, but still feel like Fallout. The content is immersively woven into the game. 

Q: Does this mod conflict with or support X?
A: This mod should not conflict with anything as it adds all new forms.  It DOES make small edits to the Museum of Concord (adding new forms).  It has been thoroughly tested, but if you have a problem, please report it.

Q: Does this mod support Start Me Up?
A: Yes it does - see "How to Get?" section.

Q: Does this mod support CBBE and Bodyslide?
A: Yes it does!  Please note that extreme CBBE settings will cause mesh warpage, as with all other armors.

Q: Does this mod support Atomic Beauty?
A: Not at this time, but please feel free to add an AB patch!

Q: Where is Max's leg brace?
A: It's coming soon!  Check back for a future release and integrated quest.

Q: This mod is not lore friendly to Mad Max.
A: That wasn't a question, but please, make one.

SPECIAL THANKS to George Miller, for creating the most iconic post apocalyptic movie series ever.
VERY SPECIAL THANKS Interplay Productions for creating the Fallout series.
Bethesda Game Studios for bringing us Fallout as we know it today.
Obsidian Entertainment for making one of the best Fallout games in the series.