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A Set of replacements and Addons for Nuka World's favorite Furry gang, The Pack. Now with 90% Less shoes and 100% more Armor Smithery!

Permissions and credits
Nuka World is Obviously Required.


Of all the raider gangs in Nuka World, The Pack is the one I love the most. Nice looking leader (I ain't sorry, he cute ok) , chaotic fashion sense, garish clothing. It's everything I'd want in a raider gang that takes over a theme park. The only issue is that I could not stand those ugly claw shoe messes and I didn't like that I couldn't freely wear the leggings and legwarmers as their own thing. You had to put them with the outfit, which is tragic. So I modifed it. I ripped off the shoes, since I felt they were stupid and quite honestly for a group of practical animals, shoes look too civilized and while I was at it I snatched the leggings and legwarmers, as well as Mason's knee pads off and turned them into wearable accessories for any outfit. (There's more Detailed info on what each of the modified outfits had done to them.) and then this blew up into a huge WIP. I'm working on a ton of accessories because I really am inspired to step the pack Fashion up. 

This is my first kinda big mod type deal, so It's not 100% there, but I'm working there. I do want to give y'all a little idea of what this mod is about. If you want to follow Development and see WIPs, I post it all to my Tumblr.

What's been Replaced. 

All outfits, exception of the Colorful undergarments have been replaced to be shoeless (The Colorful underwear is giving me issues for now). All outfits are using Leito's EVB for their Leg/Foot area. The Males use a slight edit on it, Which lengthened/widened the foot to be a little more proportional (at least to my prefs...) and gave shape improvements to the Leg area (I will be releasing that body edit soon for those who want it). Full Details Below

1. Furry Pants & T-Shirt (shares Model with Mason's outfit. So any edits here are in his outfit too.)
  - Shoes have been removed.
  - Knee pads were removed
  - Shape and length improvements to the hem of the pants for the foot area, to make it look a little realistic.
2.  Furry Undergarments
 - The Entire Pant area was changed. I pulled the model from the Furry Pants & Shirt. No more chicken legs in 2018. 
 - The Shirt was refitted to accommodate the new pants
3. Patchwork Sweater & Furry Pants 
 - Shoes were removed
 - Shirt was reshaped a little to be baggier at the bottom
 - Leg area has been edited on the pants to accommodate the EVB Legs.
4. Patchwork Sweater & Shorts / 5. Ripped Shirt & Socks. 
 - Shoes Removed
 - Legwarmers Removed
 - Pants Edited slightly to fit the new legs.

What's been Added!

This ain't a major update, so no new items or version numbers.
There's now an optional CBBE patch for those who Use said body mod. It's on the default (CBBE Slim?) body.It's only so that anyone who uses CBBE can wear the Pack armor (Shoeless obviously)  without having broken body textures. Check the Tecnical Details. 

Keep in Mind that if you do not use CBBE, The Main file is the only file you'll need.

1.4 only adds one new item, since I'm working on a larger set of items for the upcoming update..
1. Pack Toy Belt

1.3 is out! There's only two new items this round as this update was the Technical side. 
1. Tanktop & Furry Capris
2. Furry Capris

The Tanktop & Furry Capris outfit is moddable to swap colours, allowing you to don a regular White tank, Gage's tank or Mason's tank (The rancid smell is part of the experience!). The furry Capris are shirtless for Men, and include a bralette for the ladies (In the interest of keeping this mod for all ages, obvs). 

Version 1.2 Now adds new items ! 
1. Yao Guai Finger Belt
2. Pack Feather Belt
3. Chained Collar
4. Pack Collar
5. Pack Double Collar
6. Pack Bolted Collar
7. Pack Spiked Collar

These items won't yet show up in the Pack's leveled list, that will come in a later update. 

The following items have also been updated!
1. Pack Leggings - New World Model
2. Pack Socks - New World Model
3. Pack Kneepads - Weight Adjustment They now weigh you down 3 pounds. 
4. All 1.1 Items - Crafting Recipes adjusted, should be improved a little. Also worked on Damage Resistance & Cap Value adjustments as well.

The Technical Details

The Optional CBBE patch for now does not have Bodyslide functionality.  I'm still trying to work that out (It's winning honestly) But for now It should at least let you run around shoeless without texture troubles. I'm hopeful it'll be functional with the 1.5 update. If you're a modder who knows how this works and feel like helpin' I'd totally be into that. 

V1.4 is a minor issue cleanup. Full Details are in the Changelogs, since it's a little long. 

V1.3 has stepped up into being AWKCR compatible (It was honestly easier than I thought it would be) , which makes this version now require that. All items have basic keywords according to the setup guide for the mod and are now craftable at the Armorsmith Workbench under their own little tag. Leveled lists have not been updated yet, as I'm still testing out the original to see for any adjustments to be made.

The accessories should show up on Newly generated pack raiders, with the leggings and socks set to not show up on any outfit with furry pants ( I created new leveled lists for the Pack clothing). This will be incompatible with anything that edits the Leveled list for The Pack, which As far as I checked, there's no other mod like this so. 
While I was at it, Mason's kneepads were added back into his outfit files. I don't know if this will effect him in any game where you've met him, but for any new games in Nuka World, he should look his absolute best. 

Questions, Commentary, Possible safety concerns.

Will you refit to X Body mod?
I personally won't but I give 100% permission/support to take what I'm doing here and push it on any other body mod out there. If you do, just drop me a line so I can promo it here :)

Xbox/PS4 version?
I have 0 idea how any of that works, so no, sorry. If you wanna do it, drop me a line and I'll work with ya. 

Drop them in the comments! I don't mind looking at things if I like the idea. 

I'm aware of a few issues. If your game happens to light on fire in a situation with this mod, do report it as a bug and I'll poke it.

Will there be a non AWKCR version?

Current Issues

- Clipping. I did what I could to minimize clipping, but it's inevitable that at some point it will clip in gameplay a little. For the most part, most items should look good in normal gameplay and only really suffer clipping in extreme animations or poses. I'll be working more to adjust stuff to minimize this issue, but this is something to mind. 

- There's a few bone assignment issues in the belts I'm aware of, I'm trying to figure out a fix that allows it to still move with the body and not have issues. 

Credits, Thanks & Shout-outs!

Thank you to all my wonderful friends who helped me, gave opinions and encouraged me. Y'all the real reason this mod is existing as it is. 

Modder Credits:
Leito -  EVB Body Meshes
Caliente - CBBE Body Meshes 

Poses used:  Dave's Poses
Model Credits:
Ri belongs to me.
 - The Collar Shots use Azar's Ponytails
 - All other shots use a personal use conversion, sorry!.
 - His hair colours is from a personal use mod 
 - His face isn't available as a preset, sorry.