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A lot of people noticed that the Brotherhood resembles some sort of racist faction so... well i made them a proper one.

Permissions and credits
This will edit leveled lists and outfits of all of the Brotherhood of Steel.
It adds Wehrmacht and SS uniform as well as Weapons FROM OTHER MODS to the Brotherhood of Steel members.
Black Named BOS Characters got a lighter skin colour diffenrent hair, beards and eye colour. (Kells and some other dude)

Field Scribes: Spawn in Wehrmacht uniform with heavy gear, a backpack and have a chance of spawning with a field cap
Engineer Scribe: Spawn with their standart uniform but a nazi field cap (for now)
Science Scribe: Spawn with their standart uniform but a nazi field cap (for now)
Spawn with either C96, P38 or P08

level 1+ Wehrmacht soldiers with standart uniform field caps, heavy equipment and backpacks and heer helmets
level 16+ SS soldiers with SS uniform, SS helmet and light equipment
level 26+ Wehrmacht officers with iron cross veteran uniform, officers cap and light equipment
level 26+ SS officers with black SS uniform and Black SS officers cap
Spawn with Mauser 98 (level 1+), MP40 (level 1+) and STG44 (level 22+)

Mauser Family:
SS Uniforms:
more uniforms:

Finally added a seemingly working version to the nexus (old Beta was basically not working at all)

STG Animations:
Mauser 98 Animations: (if it works for you for me it doesnt)
C96 Animations:
Nazi Radio:
BOS Nazi Overhaul: OR OR
Nazi Posters: DELETED unfortunately

For "lore" use
Nazi America:
you can roleplay that the german reich took over the US before the commies bombed it. After that the Brotherhood formed out of patriots, former militaries and NSDAP members and a few assebled from the Aryan Brotherhood as well as the Ku-Klux-Klan.

i patched all of the weapons for BLD ( for myself and than imported them into the mod so they are probably patched for you too if you dont like that keep your hands away from this mod


Wasteland/Autumn Style (The perfect fit for Vanilla or any Wasteland or Autumn Overhaul)
level 5+ Swamp Camo Uniform Wehrmacht Soldiers added
level 5+ Coniferious Camo Uniform Wehrmacht Soldiers added
level 15+ Dot44 Camo Uniform SS Soldiers added

Winter Style (for Winter Overhaul mods, yes russias invasion was indeed cold)
Wehrmacht soldiers now have winter uniforms and blank white helmets (with and without cover) as well as the normal ones
SS Soldiers now have white SS uniforms but still the regular SS helmet

Desert Style (for Desert Overhaul mods, great for some afrikakorps action ;D)
Wehrmacht soldiers now have desert Wehrmacht uniforms and desert field caps and helmets
Field Scribes now have desert Wehrmacht uniforms and desert field caps
SS soldiers and officers untouched
Wehrmacht officers untouched
12.07.2018 Wasteland/Autumn Style 1.0.0 added
05.07.2018 Winter Style optional Grassland added (adds Winter/grassland soldiers with grassland top and winter pants with grassland or winter helmets - if your snow environment still has some vegetation)
05.07.2018 Winter Style 1.0.1 released (Fixed Wehrmacht soldiers having ss insignia and adds normal wehrmacht and white non covered helmets)
02.07.2018 Desert Style added
02.07.2018 Version 1.0.1 released (You should definitely update... 1.0.0 had a mayor problem of soldiers only spawning with the base uniform no helmets no gear and shit)
02.07.2018 Winter Style 1.0.0 added
02.07.2018 Version 1.0.0 released

Forest Style (for more lush Forest Overhaul mods)
if I decide that I want it, I will replace the engineer and science scribe uniforms with standart Wehrmacht ones
I will probably replace the lancer outfits
I'll try to remove all black generated faces but I dont know how yet so if you think you got what it takes you can help me
maybe I will do some further editing on Kells face because it just still looks too african
I'll Probably add a custom NPC to explain the newly made lore
If someone knows how to do it I want to have all dialogue with BOS members in german all other dialogue kept in english
I want to integrate the MP40 experimental and tactical in some way
I want to figure out how to have the Wehrmacht and SS officers only have pistols
Maaaybe ill add fitting weapons to the unique NPC's for example a pistol for Kells or Maxson

I will do at least a WW2 Soviet Style Railroad overhaul with a seperate mod page

I did this for myself but decided to publish i dont know about permissions but if one of the authors is not okay with my mod please consult me and i will immediately take it down but i think it will at the most give you additional downloads :D