Fallout 4
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Modular rifle with huge customization capabilities. Electric discharge or long-range railgun, HE rounds or silent murders - the choice is yours!

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  • Mandarin
  • German

This mod add to the game a new rifle, which has huge customization capabilities that will allow you to make the weapons you need - from high fire rate submachine gun with excellent recoil control to precision railgun, and the unique optics customization system will allow you to choose the perfect point of view on your enemies. And of course skins! More than 215 modifications with Update 3. Enjoy!

Using Nexus Mod Manager (guide)

In Game:

You can craft weapon and additional ammo on 
chemistry station in the "FACTOR" section

Some modifications slots not displayed if you have another weapon in 
your hands. ! Equip FACTOR before modifying it on the workbench ! (this applies to "no mag" too);

If the textures are not displayed on the weapon, the weapon model is invisible, there is no section "FACTOR" on chem station or you can not leave the chem station - you did not install mod correctly (see the installation guide);

You can switch weapon sights only on a weapons workbench;

All third-party modifications that can be seen in the 
author's screenshots are described in the credits.