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Automatic Receiver (optional), Reduced Weight, Increased Rate of Fire, Suppressed Barrels (optional), Increased Damage, Increased Ammo Capacity and Workshop Damage Modifier!

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Welcome to the Mobile Infantry!

Ready for a mod that makes the Solar Cannon Rifle from CC amazing?  Well here it is!  

Expect the following:

-(Optional) Reaper Prototype Receiver (Fully Automatic)
-Reduced Weight 
-Increased Rate of Fire
-Increased Damage
-Suppressed Barrels via APV Disruptor technology by DERPA (Defense Enclave Research Project Agency)
-Workshop Damage Modifier 

Review the images for further details.  

This mod comes in an .esp and .esl version.  
I would recommend the average user install the .esp and the more advanced user install the .esl  
They are both the same, but some programs have been known to delete .esl names from Plugins.txt.

Installation for .esp:  Install with your NMM/Vortex

Derpsdale has a guide for .esl Installation here:  https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/27054/