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This clothing item boosts your Charisma by 100 and adds Local Leader 1 & 2 and Cap Collector 1, 2 & 3 perks while equipped.

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This is a simple clothing item which boosts your Charisma by 100 points while it is equipped, as well as temporarily adding Local Leader 1 & 2 and Cap Collector 1, 2 and 3 perks. If your character has a low Charisma level, it can help with:

  • Setting up provisioners between settlements (LL1 required)
  • Adding workbenches and shops to your settlements (LL2 required, CC2 for high-level shops)
  • Persuading settlers to move to any managed settlement, even if it's full
  • Passing difficult Charisma challenges in quest conversations
  • etc.

Version 0.5 or later removes all DLC and Armorsmith requirements, since it is now a "found item" in the world, and no longer craftable.

Version 0.7 and later adds an .esl version and also moves the body of the Glowing One outside the settlement borders of Red Rocket Truck Stop, to help avoid any mod conflicts for that settlement.

Origin of the Name

An English expression: a person with a "silver tongue" is well-known for their exceptional persuasive powers.


None, just the base game.


The body of a Glowing One has been reported at the foot of the Concord Water Tower, just west of Red Rocket Truck Stop. Check his pockets!

You can equip the Silver Tongue like any other piece of clothing or armor, using the Inventory of your Pip-Boy. It is invisible when equipped, so you won't see any visual changes. If you happen to drop it, it will appear in the world as a silver ingot.

WARNING: Don't wear it for too long - the last owner discovered it has some nasty long-term side effects ...

For quick equipping/unequipping, try out Outfit Switcher, a mod which lets you save and change armor and clothing item combinations. Highly recommended!

The Silver Tongue uses only body slot 49 (Mouth), so it will not conflict with most standard clothing and armor items. Having said that, it will conflict with any kind of mask (like the Surgical Mask), so you won't be able to wear both at the same time.

You can wear it under your Power Armor, but the Charisma boost effect will be disabled (as with all standard clothing and armor effects).

If you already have points in the Local Leader or Cap Collector perks before equipping the Silver Tongue, you will still have them after unequipping it.


No known mod conflicts so far.


Use Nexus Mod Manager.


Before uninstalling the mod from your game, unequip the Silver Tongue, save your game, and then exit. Then go ahead and remove the mod normally using Nexus Mod Manager.