Fallout 4
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Elianora - Derpsdale - TERA

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Mod adds a simple mashup for a modest, more practical version of the TERA Rogue armour. This one has a different corset and a bodysuit underneath.

Permissions and credits

Mod adds a mashup of the TERA Rogue armour by Derpsdale

I like the pants and arm stuff of this armour, but hate spiked heels and the corset that looks like it would have to be super-glued to the body to stay on. So I made my own variant with my favourite combat boots, a body suit underneath, and a different corset.

I made a specular map for the armour, and improved the texture quality (ported them to the new format etc..)
Yes, this armour's texture is originally only 1K, so I did some tricksies but it's still kinda rubbish. DealWithIt.gif

• Craft at Chemistry lab under TERA ROGUE ELI
• Can be worn with armour pieces
• Gloves built in
• BodySlidable
• Upgradable

Can be used with vanilla or CBBE, but it will be the CBBE shape. Use BodySlide to make it Vanilla shape if you want vanilla.


Yes I know it clips with Pip-Boy a bit. I don't care enough sorry, I just basically made this for one photoshoot for myself.
Armour pieces will clip with it. Use Concealed Armour if you want to wear armour with it.


- Film Workshop ENB (DoF from Seasons of the Abyss ENB)
- Valkyr female face
- Viper's Warpaint
- My custom hair port from Skyrim (sorry, can't share, copyrightseys)

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