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Immersive firing sound for Sword Cutlass mod just like the show

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Authentic Firing Sound

Black Lagoon's character Revy used one of my favourite guns in media, a pair of custom Beretta 92FS "Sword Cutlass'. 

jmenaru brought this gun into FO4 here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/26552/ and I advise you get it as it's a solid gun mod.

I loved the mod however it didn't have one of the most characteristic elements of the gun, the sound. I know there's another mod on the Nexus that changes the sound to the real Beretta 92FS's sound, however this still wasn't immersive enough for me... So I added the authentic sound to the gun in my game. A simple FX replacer. The proper sound really adds bite to each shot.

See the the video for how it sounds, starts at 1:40

I also suggest these two mods to improve your gunning experience

Gun Smoke (Weapon muzzle smoke and Smoke Trails) by ModClub 


Vapor Trails and Tracers by ShawnPhillips

I also included the bodyslide for my character Quartermain seen in the screenshots.
Her face preset is a modified Lagertha preset

Enjoy if you will