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Adds 9 new thrown and placed explosives with various classic and unique effects. Many are scratch-made meshes and textures.

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Volume 2 of my Anarchist's Cookbook collection, which looks to bring the charm of FNV explosives crafting to FO4.

***All recipes are constructed at the Chem Lab, unless using the AKWCR v4.02 patch, in which case they will be at the Explosives Workbench.***

  1. Concussion Grenade: Low damage, high impact.  About half the damage of a frag grenade, this little firecracker packs enough concussive force to easily cripple limbs and stagger, if not knock down, opponents
  3. Flashbang Grenade: The old classic Non-Lethal go-to.  This creates a blinding, disorienting flash.  Mechanically, it works similar to the Mind-Cloud syringe.  Enemies will lose sight of you, and won't be able to track you for a few seconds unless you go out of your way to give your position away.
  5. Bouncing Betty: Otherwise known as the S-Mine, this terrifying WWII-era spring-loaded explosive bounces into the air about chest high, spreading shrapnel over a larger area than the frag mine, to more critical body parts.  Deals about 25% more damage as well.  **~SHUNK!~**
  7. Splinter Bomb: This gruesome device, inspired by the weapon of the same name from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., rapidly petrifies living tissue turning it to ash.  A MASSIVE damage total (about 500) is offset by a tiny hit box (it's thrown like a frisbee) and rare alien materials.
  9. Gravitonium Grenade/Mine: Also inspired by a device from AoS, this contains a trace amount of the rare element gravitonium, which alters the gravitational forces on objects around it when disturbed.  Deals no damage, but anything caught when it activates will be temporarily pulled to the device like a magnet.
  11. Acid Grenade: The bile-filled acid sac of a Mirelurk Queen.  Ew...gross.  Deals about 15 acid damage/second for 10 seconds.
  13. Emergency Flare (Instant and Timed): Creates an intense light capable of illuminating darke areas.  Each variant comes in a shadows-casting and no-shadows version (designed for players with weaker PCs that bog down under heavy shadow load).
  15. Thrown Combat Knife: A knife balanced for throwing.  Gets stuck into surfaces, including enemies, so it can be retrieved.  Silent, but deadly.
  17. Signal Flare Alarm: An emergency flare rigged to a stand, like a firework.  Shoots into the air when approached, letting you know of an enemy sneaking up on you, and illuminating the area.  The flare usually slowly floats to the ground, thus boosting the illuminating affect once the fighting starts. (also comes in a no-shadows version)

Most meshes and textures and most if not all forms are unique and only reference other unique forms so there should be no issues.

***I always appreciate seeing your screenshots/videos!***

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