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A compatibility patch for Horizon and PreWar Binoculars.

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This is a compatibility patch for Horizon and PreWar Binoculars Version 2.1.1

The binoculars can still be found the same way as in the original mod, but you can also craft them, and the battery, in the Equipment Section of the Tech Lab. With the current version you only need one battery as they are not consumed, so after crafting both items the crafting option will disappear from the Tech Lab.

I removed the dynamic naming system so the binoculars will be tagged properly and gave the upgrades various Horizon skills as crafting requirements.

Mods and the battery are properly tagged.

In order to craft the night vision/recon modes, you will first need to upgrade the binoculars to "light weight" the same as in the original mod.

Load Order and Required Mods:

PreWar Binoculars
Horizon PreWar Binoculars Patch


Zawinul for Horizon
a_blind_man for PreWar Binoculars