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Adds 7 armors from the Full Metal Panic Universe as playable power armor. Includes several weapons as well.

Permissions and credits
Full Metal Panic - Power Armors

This mod adds 7 power armor's from the Full Metal Panic Universe.  It also includes a new power armor frame that has been slimmed down considerably.  You must equip the jumpsuit for this new frame to show up.  I've also included an option file that has my entire WIP folder containing all the Gundam Suits.

The suits included:

   -  Includes deployed/stored options for the Lamda Driver and the anti-tank dagger can be equipped on the helmet.

   -  Includes deployed/stored options for the GRAW-4 blades in the legs.


   -  Both M9's include an alternate paint scheme matching the ARX-7 colors.
   -  There is also a separate M9 Jumpsuit and Helmet that can be crafted.  It maintains the original proportions of the M9.

   -  The Falke includes two alternate paint schemes, one that matches the M9 Grey, and another that matches the ARX-7 colors.

RK-92 Savage
   -  The Savage includes an alternate paint in Grey and ARX-7 colors.

Plan-1055 Belial 

Where to Find:
The Gundam Breaker Frame can be created in the workshop menu.  It is under the Structure Menu: Miscellaneous

The Following can be constructed at the Chemistry Station: Utility:
All 6 pieces of the power armor
Breaker Frame Uniform (Need to wear for the New Power Armor Frame to show up).
Gundam Fusion Core (Will turn invisible once put into a power armor frame)
The Demolition Gun
The GRAW-4 sword/dagger
M9 Jumpsuit - Original Proportions
M9 Helmet (new) - Original Proportions

The Anti-Tank Dagger can be constructed at the Chemistry Station: Grenade

To change the power armor between the different sets, use a Power Armor Workbench to modify each piece, you may also select the paint for those pieces that have corresponding paint colors.


Install using the with NMM or drop the files into your mod folder. 

Optional File - WIP Suits

I have decided to include, as an optional file, the current version of my WIP mod files.   This will overwrite the main files, so only download one version but not both.  This optional file includes all of my previous mods, except for my 08th MS team mod, as well as, all of the new suits that I have added but yet to release.  Keep in mind that this optional file is not intended to be a release ready mod, but it does work well enough.  It should not cause any game breaking issues.  It is for those people who are interested in trying out what I have worked on but who don't mind that it is not ready for release.


Credit for the original FMP models goes to Illsteir.   He did great work on the modeling.    His models can be found on 3D warehouse.   
The Textures, Mapping, Rigging, Morphs and, Design of the frame are my work.

Also, special thanks to Justice for their permission to use the Navi Jumpsuit as an optional replacer for my frames jumpsuit.  I use the jumpsuit in all my playthroughs and built the new frame around it for myself originally, so I really appreciate it.


Q: I can only create the M9 armor, where are the other pieces?
A: You can change the M9 to any of the other sets at the power armor station.

Q: Does it require a jumpsuit like your other mods?
A: Yes, it requires the Breaker Frame jumpsuit for the new frame to appear.

Q: Where is the jumpsuit that is show in the Gundam Breaker Frame Picture
A: That comes from the NAVI Power Armor Mod. There is an optional replacer file in the download section.