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Replaces a few landscape textures with a 1 KB invisible texture (to hide the objects) to help the landscape seem a little more clean, and not so wild. Twigs, vines, hedges, shrubs, moss, seaweed, some grasses, etc... They're all invisible with this mod! Enjoy! (Easily delete the mod's files at ANY time to bring back what you want to see again!)

Permissions and credits
Wanna hide some ugly plants and things?!
NOW HIDES TWIGS! (Optional file, version 0.02)
Remember to endorse if you're enjoying the mod! It makes me smile! Thank you! <3

This mod hides 20 of my annoyances when it comes to vines and other plants, etc.

Since the mod takes care of making the objects invisible across the entire game, not just settlements, it may make the game seem too clean for some players. Some may think too many grasses or plants have been hidden.
(But, if you're like me and have put in hundreds of hours of playtime into Fallout 4, maybe you're in need of some cleaning up.)

You can use all optional files along with a main file. I recommend using both optional files. I may combine them into a main file, eventually.

If you don't like the changes this mod makes, feel free to uninstall it at any time.

Install / Uninstall:
Install: Download and install using the mod manager, or manually download the zip file and unzip the mod's files right into your game's "Data" folder (following the file structures in the zip!).
Uninstall: Use the mod manager to uninstall, or manually delete the mod's files from your game's "Data" folder. The texture files are located under their respective directories.

If you find this hides something you don't want hidden, for example, the Forsythia plants, which would be found in your Fallout 4 folder:
Just delete whichever files you don't want to use. In this case, you'd delete the Forsythia01_d file and that plant would again be visible in the game.

This is only a retexture. It won't break your game or cause any visual issues.

[This mod may cause a slight increase in your FPS.]

* Please Note:
*If you have a mod like Scrap Everything, the objects will still be scrappable, but still invisible. Don't fret; just scrap them if you'd like!
*Similarly, if you have a mod like Settlement Objects Expansion Pack that adds any of the plants to your workshop menu that I've made invisible, they'll be invisible from there, too! You can still build and place them, but they'll be invisible.

Fallout 4 only.

If any of these objects are in any DLC areas, it should take care of those as well, unless the objects point to another location in the file structure.
But having the DLCs is not necessary to use this mod!

There used to be a couple mods on Nexus that hid vines and some shrubs, but I can't find them!
So there's this now! Thanks to those mods for the inspiration!

I've converted the texture files used in the mod to JPG/PNG files and uploaded them so everyone can get an idea of each object this mod makes invisible. If anyone would like to upload before & after shots of in-game content so others can see the changes, please do!

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