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Experience what Fallout 76 may be like in the Commonwealth with all human NPCs removed or replaced by ferals, L33t griefers stalking you and sharing valuable git gud advice, suxorz randomly nuking you.

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Experience what Fallout 76 may be like in the Commonwealth with all human NPCs removed or replaced by ferals, L33t griefers stalking you and sharing valuable git gud advice, suxorz randomly nuking you. 

an NPC extinction (or ghoulification) event has occurred
nukes, griefers and ferals inbound ... ready player 1 

Install this mod and you are given a [ Fallout 4-76 Enable ] note in MISC inventory. Read it to enable the Fallout 4-76 experience:

Fallout 4-76 Enabled

(1) As you wander the commonwealth any human NPCs in your active area are dynamically disabled. This hides 99% of the human population. Imagine anyone left is a natural human player minding their own business. If you don't enjoy the empty world, add well rotted Feral Ghouls where NPCs once were. 

Some robot vendors are added if you must shop, and any significant doors that need NPC quests to unlock are automatically unlocked or opened for you (Diamond City, Covenant etc). You are automatically granted ownership of any workshops you come across for an access all areas nearZeroNPC™ experience, unless camping griefers need clearing out.

(2) Random mixed human griefers will spawn and follow you, issuing half-witted taunt messages. Kill them all and more will turn up in time, like roaches on bad meat. If you run far enough away, that group will get bored and leave you alone ... for a while. 

A player to griefer level matching system (N00b, Scrub, Plat, L33t) allows the Fallout 4-76 experience to start at Vault 111 exit with a fresh player, growing with you across a quest free land of scavenging opportunity.

(3) Occasional nukes are launched at you with a minimal getaway warning. Sometimes they land back on the Griefers, as they are naturally unclever. Nukes leave loot and dirty radiation areas behind, but they will not be launched directly at your workshops. Note as this is a B.E.T.A. some nuke warnings may be missed, but your player deaths are appreciated to help debug and tune the product.

(4) A GriefProof PlayerUndead™ feature respawns the player on death at a random owned settlement. You keep your full inventory for a tax free* continuation of your long life and happyness, but may feel weary with grief for a while.

(*) free offer until automatic PlayerUndead microtransaction fees are introduced under the ever mutating terms of service.

With the default settings you should be able to run from Vault 111 to Diamond City in less than 10 real minutes without meeting another human, taking a nuke strike and griefing on the way.  

Configuration Holotape

The 4-76 Enable note turns into a holotape to configure spawn times, or fully disable the 4-76 experience. Any NPCs disabled by this mod are enabled again (takes a while to process) and the holotape turns back into an Enable note. The world returns to nearly 100% vanilla base game. 

The enable your slooty waifu, err ... companion option only works for the standard companion slot. If you use custom companions or companion extenders that do odd stuff to the base game followers system, this mod does know know about that stuff. This mod does not affect dog in any way as it only disables humans & robots. The actual position of Fallout 76 regarding dogs is unclear at this time, but assumed positive based on the volume of Creation Club transactions they generate. 

[ Author's note ] 

I am pleased that Bethesda is bringing the Fallout franchise to new audiences, and understand the scepticism of existing single player RPG folks. This mod is a fun way to inform, educate and entertain whilst trying out some of the likely game mechanics with the available tools. If you don’t get irony too gud, walk on by.  


This amazing experience is powered by the proven ZeroCTD™ spawning tech from SKK Combat Stalkers and SKK Instant Battleground, plus detection and disable functions from the less popular Dogmeat Sniffs Glue.

WARNING: If you use other SKK scripted mods, this LOLz mod has enjoyed limited quality testing compared to the "professional" releases. May contain unexpected behaviors, outcomes, or nuts.

Known Issues & Suggestions

For Bethesda update 008 the mod file names had to be changed to work around a mod manager file name issue. Disable the original SKKFallout476.esp mod from load order before updating.
For feral update 010 run the holotape disable function before upgrading so you don't misplace NPCs that are already hidden. 
If you are not getting a new holotape after the upgrade, apologies but the mod needs to be cleaned (disable mod, load game, save game, enable mod) or start with a clean save-game.
Between Update 008 and 012 there is a chance for the PlayerUndead re-life function to lock the list of workshops so no more can be assigned for player ownership (a trial tax that was unfun). Resolved in 013, but it may not unlock already frozen workshop lists in save-games.

With thanks to 

(1) New in game visual assets by the RetroFuture design guru RedRocketTV

(2) Optional music track Take Me Home Country Roads Instrumental by instrumentals4u 

Nexus PC manual download installation

Copy SKK76Simulator.esp and SKK76Simulator – Main.BA2 to your ...\Fallout 4\Data directory, enable in the Bethesda mod menu, mod manger or whatever.

Compatibility & disable

The mod has no dependencies on extenders or DLCs and does not change any base game scripts, assets or objects. It's 100% pure new Creation Kit forms and wrapper scripts. Yes that right, SKK mods don't hack anything that already exists, to avoid compatibility and load order issues.

Unfortunately this mod has not been engineered to support disabling in the load order when you get bored of it. If you do remove, it will leave dirty stuff behind in your savegame. Only remove mods if you are happy to accept potential conflicts from load order changes in a save game (or you are handy with FallRim ReSaver). users: Disregard PC manual install and console sections. I use this same description text on and for PC & XBOX as I CBA to maintain multiple edits.


PC or
PlayStation® can not be supported due to Sony Corp. scripted content restrictions.