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Removes tutorial messages that are meant for new players.

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Will this mod make your game crash? Who knows! Use at your own risk.

This mod takes a super sledge to the hidden tutorial "quest". This hidden quest is responsible for most of the messages that spam you at the beginning of the game, but also include the messages that pop up the first time you get crippled, use power armor, a jet pack, certain weapons, use the workshop, and so on.

This mod does not disable the message box in the corner of your screen. This means that if a script contains it's own tutorial or message, you will still see it. That's a good thing! There are a few odd floater tutorials that I would consider very basic and prefer to be gone, but there are very few. An example of this are the few tutorials that pop up for survival mode.

When I say "Takes a super sledge to the hidden tutorial quest" I really mean it. It's not elegant. It literally just breaks it.