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Rock on! A one-of-a-kind small collection of highly customizable female leather outfits mashups built around freedom of choice. Customize every piece of the outfit at the armor workbench, then mix and match with other mods to your heart’s content, for that unique look you aim for!

Permissions and credits
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SGLO standalone version is out!
Download and install the main file first and then overwrite with the second one


Thank you Crymtastic and Chaos_Hellfire for the mod reviews!

Have you ever wanted to create a tough-as-nails looking female sole survivor, but haven’t find the rocker/metal vibe you really wanted with the available mods? Or maybe are you looking for something that’s badass and completely different?  Look no further!

Shade Girl Leather Outfits is a one-of-a-kind small collection of femaleoutfit mashups, consisting of 4 custom, non-modular, underarmor focused on leather as its main theme. Player freedom is a priority in this mod, for anyone using it. From casual users to expert modders. Choose how you want to look, the way you want to look, without limiting yourself to body slots availability or lack of modding knowledge.

This mod features:

Two original outfit mashups for the CBBE body type, which center around leather garments.
Most of the textures and some of the meshes were edited and reworked from their original sources, in order to get a clean leatherlook for all the outfits. The mod comes with optional leather gloves, courtesy of dickyftw’s pinup outfit. It also uses Valdacil's Item Sorting Tags for the outfits and the gloves from the

Two vault suit versions of these outfits for a more ‘lore-friendly’ appearance. They use the default path for the vanilla vault suit textures, so any texture replacer will work on them. You can even change the vault suit number and choose between clean and dirty versions on any armor workbench. It is recommended to have the vault tec workshop DLC for the vault 88 number to workbut is not required.

All outfits are set as underamor, are ballistic weave ready and assigned to Body Slot 33 only. This was done to minimize mesh clipping that is more commonly seen in other modular and layered outfits mods, and to avoid inventory cluttering. Plus, it gives you more control and freedom over your Sole Survivor’s appearance. No need to choose between wearing a jacket or a chest piece! You can wear both if you choose to.

Player freedom comes first! This mods features modular-like editing at the armor workbench. Customize, add or remove items from the outfits independently from one another. Change logos, colors and even buckle materials. Edit them to your heart’s content! Each piece of all the outfits also includes a dedicated custom texture slot ready for advanced users and experienced modders to edit. This feature is meant for personal use only, so you don’t have to replace any of the other default colors included if you don’t want to. (Custom textures folders can be found in the respective texture folder of each piece of outfit you intend to retexture)
(more info about permissions for custom textures at the end of the mod page)

Created with mix and matching in mind. This mod Compatible with most modular armor or accessories mods out there. Go crazy with your appearance!

Carry and wear these outfits all to the end of the game! This mod includes optional concealed armor modifications. Increase DR and ER at the cost of large increments in weight. Except for the basic one, each modification should be equivalent to use a modded full set of leather armor in terms of weight and protection. This was done so people who prefer not to alter the appearance of the outfit don’t be at disadvantage over those who use both ballistic weave and armor parts. You could use both a concealed and regular armor pieces if you choose so, but you’ll lose a lot of carry weight because of that. I do not recommend it.

• By default, this mod uses my custom CBBE preset, however I have included Bodyslide files for you to customize the body shape to your liking. My presets
are also included.

Note to Bodyslide users:
Due to the nature of my mod, each of the outfits use TWO NIF FILES: a regular version and a no jacket version. This was done to avoid graphical glitches with blood splatters and big meshes with alpha textures. If you want to change the body type in bodyslide, please remember to build for both versions of the outfit of your interest, or every time you remove the jacket, your body type will magically change in-game

Caliente'sBeautiful Bodies Enhancer & Bodyslide
Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR)
Armorsmith Extended
***Vault-Tec Workshop DLC
***(Optional for vault number 88 to work on vault suits, but not necessary)


Mod Manager:
Download and install using your mod manager of choice.

Manual Installation:
Find the fallout 4 game folder inside your Steam library directory (usually this one is "...Steam\Library\SteamApps\common\Fallout 4") and drop the data folder included with the mod file.

The outfits and the gloves are craftable at the Armorsmith Workbench. The Omega and Stunner outfits are located in the “ARMOR – SHADE GIRL LEATHER OUTFITS” category, and their vault suit versions are located in under the “ARMOR – SHADE GIRL VAULT SUITS & LEATHER” category. The optional leather gloves are under “HANDS – SHADE GIRL LEATHER GLOVES”

**For the Standalone Version users, everything is craftable at the Chemistry Station

All the Shade Girl outfits offer very weak protection when you first craft them, but by using both ballistic weave and my concealed armor technology, they can become one of the best underarmors in the game, both functionally and
aesthetically. So you can potentially carry them to the end of the main quest and to high level regions of the map.

They all start with the same stats:
DR:       3
ER:       3
RAD:   10
+2 charisma
(In my mind, SGL outfits are meant for you character to exude confidence, hence the bonus)

Crafting Materials

SGLO is a mod that focuses on customization and player freedom, and my intention is for this to be used on a normal playthrough, as part of your gameplay and roleplaying experience. Therefore, if you want to craft a specific color for anything in this mod, you’ll be most likely not scavenging paint from a hardware stores, but rather collecting… the local flora!
Yes! Most recoloring modifications use flora and oil to create the needed substance for you to dye your leathers or piece of clothing!

This is what you’ll have to pay attention to while you explore the commonwealth:
- Hubflower                       for Blue mods
- Bloodleaf                        for Red and pink mods
- Gourd Blossom              for Brown mods
- Glowing Fungus             for Green mods
- Mutated Fern flower      for Purple mods

Black and white recolors use mainly cloth and oil. Of course, you’ll need also a lot of leather, cloth and steel for everything.
Buckles require steel or/and gold, depending on your choice.


SG Concealed armors:
I saw once a mod that intended to make armor parts invisible for the player, and I initially thought that was a cool idea for people who want to keep their outfits visible. However, the problem with this is that you are still using a body slot for an armor part that’s still there. So, I did my own take on this, by focusing instead on the outfit itself, and keeping those body slots free.

SG Concealed armors come in three variants, listed here from the worst to best
protection offered:

Basic                   No perks needed
Standard             Requieres ArmorerPerk lvl 1
Sturdy                  Requieres ArmorerPerk lvl 2
Heavy                  Requieres ArmorerPerk lvl 3

Each modification should be statistically similar to wearing a modded full set of leather armor in terms of extra weight and protection, except for the basic variant, which is similar to wearing a an unmodded full set of a regular one.
Remember… the more protection it offers, the heavier the outfit will be, so keep that in mind!

Each variant also offers one of three types of protection:
Damage Resistance, Energy Resistance and Balanced Resistance.
They all offer both additional DR and ER, but those values change depending on their focus.

None of this could’ve been possible without the permission of the many mod authors and content creators, so I could use, edit and repurpose their assets in this, my first public mod ever.
 I encourage you to check them out and their stuff too! Support the community!
My gratitude goes towards the following people:
Osnius & Caliente             Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer

SleepWalking                     ZGC Atom Cat Girloutfits – Original source of the leather jacket

Tschutschi                         tschutschi's wardrobe II – Source of the Omega outfit leather pants

AlexScorpion                     Leather Under Armor Retexture – Used on many leather garments

Vitriks                                 Wayfarer Stranger outfit – Source of the tank top for the stunner outfit
                                              (mod not available in nexusmods, I can’t link to it here, sadly)

Jordan1q2                         Shirt & Jeans – Source of the jeans used in the Stunner outfit

SydneyB                             Ashara FO4 Steampunk Lady – Source of the short jacket with buckles

humannature66                EasyGirl Outfits – Source of the arm warmers, leggings and biker boots

Derpsdale                          TERA Rogue Outfit – Sourceof Omega’s Corset and Boots

GrimSovereign                  TERA Rogue Material pack –Retexture used for the TERA Rogue parts
     And some of the images used for this mod page

Gangs74  Finger pose for the thumbnail of my mod

Enmass Entertainment and Bluehole studios for providing the assets for the TERA outfits

Ajhakra                               ajhakra's Cubemaps – Cubemaps used in GrimSovereigns mod

dickyftw                             Dicky’s Pinup Outfit – Source of the leather gloves, mostly unmodified here

friffy                                   Just another piper outfit – The belt used in all the outfits

Otrixx                                 FO4 Faction logos – Faction logos used for the leather jacket. 

Other assests like the tank top logos and vault number for the leather jacket were made by me.

Should be compatible with almost everything since it doesn't alter any of the main game files at all.

However, there has been reports of compatiblity issues with Jamaica Plains - Rise of a city and Companion Desire.
Both mods are scripted, so the problem might be related to their specific scripts. The exact reason is unknown.
If anyone uses any of these mods, I would appreciate any reports you have on the matter.

Since I use Armor addon indexes to remove the jacket in my outfits, the game adds together the bone data value for both indexed addons, so some forearm armor pieces might look like floating over the arms while not wearing the jacket. That’s the only issue I’ve had I couldn’t solve without getting rid of the bone data. 

If you know how to solve this… Let me know!

If you want to let me know about a specific issue, please contact me through a nexus DM on my profile 
or post the issue in the bugs section of the mod page

To all the users who enthusiastically followed my progress in the image share section since the very beginning.
A very special thanks to GrimSovereign, for his good disposition, his feedback and support through most of the development stages of this mod. It would have not been the same without his help and his influence on me as a beginner modder.

Tools used:
FO4 edit
Outfit Studio
Photoshop CC 2014

For permissions see the tab above at the start of the mod page.
Custom textures are meant for personal use only. If you want to upload a custom retexture for a piece of my outfits to nexus, Depending of with piece of the outfit is, make sure to contact and get permission from me AND the respective mod authors listed in the credits section.
Thanks for reading through the entirety of this mod page.. and as always